All-Tex Recyclers in Cloughmills, Ireland

All-Tex Recyclers works with some well known charities and councils across Ireland and are now developing a vision for the future with a win win situation for all. Paula Mc Auley, Business Development Manager for All-Tex Recyclers said: ‘All-Tex Recyclers are a forward thinking company and I consider myself fortunate to be employed by a business with its feet firmly on the ground but with the vision to succeed. Our company’s investment in 40 new staff reinforces our commitment to the Borough of Ballymoney and we have the vision to continue to drive our expansion plans throughout the island of Ireland.’

The process followed at All-Tex Recyclers


What happens to the items of clothing, household textiles and paired shoes after All-Tex Recyclers collect them?

All-Tex Recyclers believe first and foremost that the optimum solution is to re-use those clothes somewhere in the world for re-wear but, if their condition is not suitable, then they will be directed to the specialised re-spinning and pulling mills in the North of England, Asia and East Africa for recycling or sold on to local businesses for industrial wiper cloth manufacture.

paired shoes
Paired Shoes

We are pro-active in seeking new markets for all our recyclables?

When a bag of used clothing and shoes is opened by one of the experienced clothing graders at All-Tex Recyclers they will make individual determinations on each item in the bag.

From this initial sort, items will be placed on the correct conveyor system taking them to a second sort belt where other belt operatives break the clothing down into definitive grades. The first of these is usually the recycling grade which would include most items unfit for re-wear, clothes that are stained, torn or generally worn out.

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