“Challenges for the Textile Industry: Present & Future” ITMF 2012 Conference in Vietnam : A Report

During the Supply Chain Session, Mark Messura of Cotton Incorporated focused on cotton’s future in the supply chain. He noted that there is an ongoing competition between cotton and synthetic fibers. While cotton and synthetic fibers will continue to fight tooth and nail for market share, the bigger picture for cotton is the ability to expand its number of uses and applications. “Between 80% and 85% of all cotton produced in the world goes into clothing, and clothing will continue dominate the end uses for cotton, but it’s also used in oil, ice cream, animal feed and construction materials,” he said. “Textile companies might not be able to spin cotton seed, so those applications don’t necessarily impact mill owners. But they are critically important to the economic health of cotton farmers, so expanding the number of applications cotton can be used in will be a driving force for production in the future.” He added that cotton isn’t a synthetic fiber, but it is an engineered fiber. It’s constantly evolving.

International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) which founded in 1904 is a non-governmental organization, aiming to provide a neutral meeting ground for textile trade associations for the exchange of information on matters affecting their textile industries, consistent with the trade regulation laws of the nations represented. Through ITMF the textile industries cooperate at the international level with organizations representing other sectors allied to their industry.

Vu Duc Giang, Chairman of VINATEX on the progress of garment exports

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