Overseas Trade Inquiries from Iran

Nastain Company: Iran T.0098 912 2852636  Interested in Polyester viscose yarn (70:30); 100% Viscose yarn Mr. Hoseini       

Navales Poost Moridan Co. Ltd.: Andishe 2 Gharbi, No.28/3, Sohrevardi Shomali, Tehran T. +98 21 88475312/0720 +98 41 3524 6949 F. +98 21 88473058 M.+98 914 409 Email: [email protected] Interested in Viscose Spun Yarn and Viscose Filament Yarn Mr. Ali Asghar Maleki Tabrizi       

Novin: M.0098 9124309959 Email1: [email protected] Email2: [email protected] Website : www.novintricot.com Interested in Cellonish Yarn used for Sweater; Selanic Yarn Mr. Amir Jaladati

Pardis Danesh Company: M. 00989195111437 Email: dr.[email protected] Interested in Bamboo/Natural Yarn for Machine Carpet Mr. Mehrdad Samaie – Commercial Manager       

Pars Décor Manufacturing Corp.: No.8, Rahimi St., Africa Express Way, Tehran 1967916931, Iran T.+98-21-22045979. F +98-21-22055865 M.+989122543814 Email1: [email protected] Email2: [email protected] Email3: [email protected] Interested in Polyester Staple Fiber; FDY (75 Denier -SD); Cotton Yarn -opened -20s & 30s for Curtains and FDY – 150 Dn Mr. M.R. Givehchian – Managing Director/Ms. Mousiuand

Parsa Company (Trading): Iran T.0098 9121263420 Interested in Dyed Spun yarn (Polyeser and viscose); 100% Polyester yarn; Polyester and Viscose blended yarn Mr. Nouri

Parsian Socks: Iran T.0098 912 1520231 Email: [email protected] Interested in Spun Yarn; Polyester Viscose Yarn 1/30 Dyed and Raw White Mr. Sabzali Zade

Parsis Cloth: Iran T. 0098 90 227 84006 Email: [email protected] Interested in All kinds of fabrics [Cotton, Synthetic & Blends] Mr. Ebrahimi        

Paytakht Company: Iran T. 0098 912 2093944 Email: [email protected]  Interested in Cotton yarn 30s & 40s for knitted fabrics Mr. Mohsen Jazani        

Pishro Company: Iran T.0098 912 114 5751 Email: [email protected] Interested in Compact Cotton Yarn – 30s & 40s Mr. Mohamadreza Keshani       

Pukka Clothes: Iran T. 0912 5450150/021 66418375 Email: [email protected] Website : www.pukka-clothes.com Interested in Cotton Yarn for Knitted Fabrics; Melange Fabrics; Industrial Waterproof Fabrics Mr. Ali Reza Shamshiri

Rangin Taropod Parsian Company: Iran T. 0098 912 5105807   100% Cotton Yarn – 40/40 & 30/30 for weaving Mr. Khegri        

Rashidi Company: Iran Email: [email protected] Interested in Cotton yarn and Polyester yarn Mr. Rashidi        

Saba Pooshesg Trading Manufacturing Co.: Sbapooshesh Bldg., No.5, Mehr Alley, Arbab Jamshid St., Manoochehri Ave. Tehran, Iran T. 0098 21 66 73 04 41 F.0098 21 66 70 53 11 M. 0912 113 01 61 Email1: [email protected] Email2: [email protected] Interested in Fabrics for Garments Mr. Mohsen Soleimani        

Sabet Rang Malayer Spinning and Dyeing: Iran T. 0098 918 3538527/0098 918 3537780 Email: [email protected] Interested in Cotton Yarn for Carpet (Count 5) Mr. Marteza Meleki       

Samen Company: Iran T. 0098 912 1373723 Email: [email protected] Interested in Cotton Yarn Mr. Hoseini       

Sanaye  Baster Parnian Company: Iran T. 0098 915 1118863 Email: [email protected]  Interested in High dense cotton fabrics to produce sleep products Mr. Teymour        

Sanaye Kork Babol Company: Iran Email: [email protected]  Interested in Satin Fabrics; Polyester Cotton fabrics – width 2/50 Mr. Mohamad Haji Baba        

Saypa Company: Iran T.0098 910 659 7550 Email: [email protected] Interested in Cotton Yarn   and Polyester Yarn Mr. Sinaie      

Setare Shargh Textile Industry: Iran T.0098 913 113 2366 Interested in All kinds of Yarns-Cotton, Synthetic & Blended Mr. Mazaher Zare        

Shaolin Company: Iran T. 0098 913 111 6511 Interested in Epic Fabrics for uniform (Judo  and Karate) Mr. Haghjoo       

Shenyang Create-unite Industrial Technology Co. Ltd.: Fl. 5, Building E15, Shenyang International Software Park, Human New District, Shenyang, China  T.+86 136 2405 2481 F. +86 136 2405 2481 Email: [email protected] Website : www.cl-industry.com  Interested in Cotton Yarn Mr. Cathy Wang -Director of International Trade Department

Sina Rafiee: Iran T. 0098 912 1040121 Email: [email protected] Interested in Polyester Tops/Viscose Tops/Wool Tops  

Sizan Carpet: Ansar Industrial City – 6 Km, Nooshabad Road, Kashan-Iran T. 031 54821063-6 Email1: [email protected] Email2: m.ramezanzadeh66[email protected] Interested in Cotton Polyester Yarn [80:20] for Carpet; Polyester Yarn (Spun yarn); DTY – Polyester (1800 Dn) Mr. Mohsen Ramezanzadeh – Managing Director

Taha Company: Iran T. 0098 912 1176001 Email: [email protected]  Interested in Polyester Filament Yarn (100 and 150) Mr. Mohamadi        

Tarand Pood Company: Iran T. 0098 912 1824356 Email: [email protected] Interested in Cotron yarn for Socks; PV yarn-65/35 Mr. Alireza Akhundi       

Tehran Naylon Factory: Iran T. 0098 912 1251162 Email: [email protected] Interested in Yarn for covering containers and Yarn for laptop bags (100% polyester yarn -weight 340g) Mr. Taati Zade      

TGT Company: Iran T. 0098 912 185 8175 Email: [email protected] Interested in All kinds of Yarns-Cotton, Synthetic & Blended Mr. Amir Malek