Profitable Shirt Production

KARL MAYER’s New Expert-System for the Multi-Matic®, GOM, etc.

The Multi-Matic® produces sample warps and medium-length warps, and guarantees top quality as well as maximum efficiency – when used for the right application. With its technical configuration, this automatic short-, medium- and sample-warping machine operates optimally when used to bridge the gap between the GOM 24 and the Nov-O-Matic. For example, when processing 8,000 cotton yarns having a length of 406 m and a count of Nm 80 to produce a warp beam having a width of 1.800 m, the Multi-Matic® 128 can increase productivity by 332% compared to the GOM 24.The GOM automatic sectional warping machine operates at its best when processing a small number of yarns and short warp lengths. It therefore operates at the lower limit of the spectrum of uses of the Multi-Matic®. When processing articles having longer warp lengths and more bobbins, the NOM automatic sectional warping machine is increasingly more efficient. KARL MAYER has developed the special Expert-System for evaluating which sectional warping machine is the most suitable for the particular job in hand. The example are shown below.

Expert-System for evaluating jobs : Calculating the economic viability of jobs using this new tool is based on the performance features of the Multi-Matic®. These include its speed of 800 m/min for both warping and leasing, and of up to 150 m/min when beaming. Colour changing also takes place at an ubraked speed of 800 m/min. The machine is available in versions having 64 or 128 running yarns, operates at a maximum working width of 2.200 mm and takes off yarn from standard creels – thus offering a specific performance profile. The following example of the calculations produced by the Expert-System shows the results of evaluating the speed, costs and operators’ time involved in processing a shirting product on the Multi-Matic® 64 and a Multi-Matic® 128 compared to processing it on the GOM.

The parameters of the warp were as follows :

  • Warp length – 406 m
  • Total number of yarns – 6,974
  • Width – 1.800 mm
  • Yarn count – Nm 83/1
  • Material – 100% cotton
  • Number of different colours – 10.

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