“Smart Leuco­Indigo”: Electricity Instead Of Chemicals

3-dimensional carbon electrode technology
Machine specification
• Dimensions approx.: 12 × 5.5 × 4.0 m (l × w × h)
• Capacity: 1 ton Smart-Indigo™ (30%) per day Transformation of approx. 100 tons of indigo powder (grain) per year
• Electricity consumption Approx. 650 KWh to produce 1 ton Smart-Indigo™ (30%)

Electricity Instead Of Chemicals

Smart leuco-indigo production on-site

“Smart Leuco-Indigo” is produced by electrochemical process consuming considerably fewer resources than existing methods. Using only indigo pigment, caustic soda, water and electricity. In a fully automated process, the clean Leuco-Indigo is produced, metered and fed directly to the dye bath. The Smart-Indigo™ solution is the most sustainable way to dye denim.


  • Chemicals
  • Environmental burdens
  • Health hazards
  • Long transportation ways


  • Indigo pigment
  • Water
  • Caustic soda
  • Electricity

Discharging only

  • Oxygen

Key Advantages:

  • Massively reduced pollution; Healthier and safer work places; Favorable production.
  • Smart Indigo process is, therefore, good for the planet, people and profit.
Smart-Indigo™ revolutionizes the dyeing process for denim. It opens up the industrial production of Leuco-Indigo on the basis of electrochemical reduction for the first time. This environmentally friendly process was evolved in Switzerland and developed technologically to marketability. A Global Innovation! The smarter way to indigo is trend setting for the whole denims industry.

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