Zydex Industries Inaugurates ‘Rainbow’ : Design-Cum-Innovation Service Center for Textile Printing

According to our analysis and observation, the problem with the existing printing processes with vat dyes or reactive dyes or pigments is that they do not give high level of brightness, highly précised or accurate registration or what we may call it “a kind of 3D look” or “out of the box’ look. This is why we have developed non-clogging printing inks that lead to very sophisticated look of the printed end products which can be termed as truly ‘value-added.’ To achieve this kind of precise and sophisticated end products we do a lot of handholding with our clients right from the preparation of the fabric to the screen making, quality of chemicals to be used, quality of screens itself, and also that of the printing squeegees to be employed. The entire range of mechanical aspects of the printing process, have to be organized so as to be able to get the desired printing results. Our technology package offers a rich look to the printed fabric and helps to add value to those selling these products.

Design-Cum-Innovation Service Center for Textile Printing
Design-Cum-Innovation Service Center for Textile Printing

The role of a perfectly printed article in value addition can be learned from Italians. What we find that Italians are very good at tie printing. In India, we are not able to match their quality. We are unable to print with their level of precision. They take care of even very minute details of the print design. The question is why? Italians print tie only at the speed of 15 to 20 meters per minute. The slow speed helps to achieve the perfect registration and a rich look of the printed article. This kind of working is necessary to have value-added production.A view of the Innovation Center

It must be kept in mind that the major chunk of the profit is going to come from those 10% consumers who are spending money. Rest are going to go for commodity products that we are used to produce and sell. We are saying that while you produce and sell to everyone, start moving up the value chain slowly. Once they start doing so they will realize the importance of these printing effects in boosting their profits. More and more people can thus be made quality conscious and motivated to switch to the value addition. We aim to connect with this kind of people who wish to move forward with innovative processes. We are very much willing to help them and explain them what are the new things that are possible to produce now.Brands that matter

The idea behind our Innovation Center in Ahmedabad is that owners of the fabric, who ultimately have to promote and sell their fabric, to be made available the latest technology, techniques, and trends. They should be motivated and we should get their approval rather than that of processors who do their job work. Ultimately, they are the people who must know about the new product developments and techniques of value addition.Dr. Ajay Ranka

If you look at our exports, you will find that our exports are averaging at US$ 6 to 6.5 per garment. This can be raised to US$ 8 to 10 or perhaps US$ 12 per garment if we concentrate on the quality of the fabric and on imparting novel and durable effects on to the garments. We have located our Innovation Centre where all our potential clients are operating. They can utilize our services to get new ideas about what can be achieved by employing the technology we offer.

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