Zydex Industries Inaugurates ‘Rainbow’ : Design-Cum-Innovation Service Center for Textile Printing

3D design printed fabric

3D design printed fabric

We are also focusing on anti-odor, anti-bacterial finishes, and also finishes that will be very retentive in terms of the body of the fabric. One of the features that is found missing in Indian fabric is that we have very low reeds and picks because of which the fabric, after washing, becomes very loose and people think that the garments like shirts are not good. This is the problem that needs to be corrected. Our technology aims to ensure that our customers get not only the effect that lasts longer but also the finish is durable. We wish to closely work with more and more fabric owners so that they can achieve value addition and maximize their profits.

Today the share of our textile business to our total business is 50 to 55% but I can foresee that in the next 5 years it will hardly be 5%. So, it will be very small.

We are going to grow more in the roads infrastructure sector where we have developed a unique and complete technology package to make roads water resistant and weather resistant. This technology is globally patented. It has also found a global acceptance. This is really a big sector. The government of India is also going to implement this technology in the next 5 years.

The second focus area for us is where we are revolutionizing the agriculture sector, especially cotton cultivation. This is the area where the Indian textile industry should take cognizance of what is coming in near future. We now have a bio-fertilizer technology which can allow farmers to go full ‘organic.’ Now imagine the impact if the entire country goes for organic cotton. This means the entire cotton in India can be produced without any yield loss. This is the kind of technology which Zydex has brought now.

So, we now have a bio-fertilizer technology so that farmers can actually go ‘full organic.’ And in the first year itself they will get yield more than that achieved through chemical fertilizer. That’s the beauty of Zydex technology. Normally, wherever farmers grow cotton, they always lose 30 to 40% yield. In our case, they will be getting either + 10% or + 15% yield. I am of the opinion that the Indian textile industry should initiate a movement to educate farmers about the use of bio-fertilizer technology. This is an emerging technology not only for India but for the entire world. This is, indeed, a path breaking area for the textile industry in the future and people should focus on this. As a country we can go for fully organic cotton so that all our exports automatically qualify for the premium. Neither the yield nor the cost is an issue with Zydex’s bio-fertilizers technology.

Even if the prospective entrepreneurs take clusters of 1000 acres each and get farmers, we can work with them and help them to produce cotton that will be fully ‘organic’ without farmers getting upset because they will actually produce more.

Watch Dr. Ajay Ranka’s interview with NCM.

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