Do U Know?

Editor-NCMWe are starting a weekly column of facts and figures (DO YOU KNOW?) related with the textile and apparel industries as well as all the allied sectors related with them. For example, fashion, dyes, embroidery, sewing, machinery, fibers and yarns, import and export pricing and so on. We will also cover professionals engaged in these sectors and information related with them, too.

We hope to make it a kind of knowledge bank which can provide a ready reference to address the queries on factual information compiled from actual use scenario.

Wherever possible, an efficient mechanism of updating the information shall be put in place so as to provide the latest facts and figures.

We seek your active participation. The information provided here will be kept free but readers may be asked a few questions as a part of a brief survey in order to take advantage of this new column.

 We request for your wholehearted cooperation and support.

Managing Editor