ACE Rapier || Technical Textile Machine || Glass Fiber Weaving || Rapier || Rapier Machine

  ACE Rapier || Technical Textile Machine || Glass Fiber Weaving || Rapier || Rapier Machine
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India's Alidhra Weavetech Group is one of the largest manufacturers of Twisting, Winding & Weaving machinery.

For further details, contact:
Web: www.weavetech.com
eMail: [email protected]
Ph: +91-261-2800800 / +91-8980070707

For product catalog, visit: https://www.weavetech.com/productdetail/weaving-machines/rapier-weaving-machine-250-rpm/ace-3/11/

ACE Rapier (Technical Textile)
For Glass fiber weaving

- Suitable for Geo fabric, Agro Textile, Automotive Textile, Medtech, Metallic Fiber, Home Textile, Bolting cloth, Packtech, Military Textile.
- Suitable for Glass fiber, Tyre code, Filter Fabric, Belting cloth, Wire mesh, Mesh fabric, Tubiler fabric, Industrial cloth
- Plain, Dobby or Electronic Jacquard sheddings available integrated with Rapier weaving machine, ACE 3
- Selvedge formation tuck in device is also available (OPT)
- Batching Device upto 1000 mm. (OPT)

What it Delivers:
- Largest selling & Most Successful Indian Rapier loom & weaving machine. - Fastest Crank Rapier with speeds upto 250 RPM.
- Lowest Power Consuming Rapier Loom.
- Heaviest & Sturdiest Rapier with 2 tons weight.
- More than 9000 rapiers running successfully.
- Available as Rapier Dobby Loom, Rapier Jacquard Loom also.

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