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Overseas Trade Inquiries from Iran

40cheshmeh: Iran T. +98 912 4969646 Email: [email protected] Website : Interested in Polymid 6 (denier 60) – Mono Filament  Yarn Mr. Nasim Asaadi – Art Manager      

Abtik Poushesh Aria: Unit 4, No.54, Rahimi Ave. Valiasr St., Tehran, Iran  T.+98(21)22658693 M.+98 9226171236/09127798446 Email1: [email protected] Email2: [email protected] Website : Interested in Cellulose Fibres [less than 5 mm. for Fire Proof Montari] Mr. Ehsan Mafi – Technical Manager        

Abtin Tejarat Ayric: Iran Email: [email protected] Interested in P/V Yarn – 65/35 for elastic band; Cotton Yarn – 1/30, 2/30 for weaving  

Adora Socks: Iran T. 0098 912 3700975 Email: [email protected]  Interested in Polyester Yarn; Cotton Yarn – 30s; PV Yarn – 65/35 Mr. Ebrahim Rasi

Aghaei Yarn: Iran T. 0098 914 4248486 Email: [email protected] Interested in Viscose Spun Yarn – Raw white (Counts 5 & 30s) – Ring  Spun Mr. Aghaei       

Alyasin Company: Iran  T. 0098 912 1110357/0098 912 1183786/0098 21 55893303 Interested in Cotton yarn – 1/30, 1/20 (speciality) – Dyed; Polyester Cotton yarn -Dyed Mr. Alyasin           

Anayar Company: Iran Email: [email protected] Interested in Silicon Yarns (25/5 and 75/1) for fabrics Mr. Javaheri 

Arasima Company: Iran Email: [email protected] Interested in Lycra spandex cool max fabrics fo Medical Textile & Technical Textile Lipo Suction (post surgery garment) Mr. Yaghoubi

Artabaft Terme Paytakht: Iran T. 0098 912 126 8193 Interested in Polyester yarn for upholstery fabrics Mr. Amir Tehrani        

Arvin Sateen Company: Iran T. 0098 912 536 3866 Interested in Combed Cotton Yarn Mr. Sanie        

Askari: Iran Email: [email protected]  Interested in 100% Cotton Yarn and 100% Polyester Yarn  

Axon Machine Co.: T.+98 912 113 72 81 Email: [email protected] Website : Interested in Polyester Fiber and Low Melting Fiber Mr. Hamed Zareie – CEO

Aynaz: Iran M.00989137741198 Email: [email protected] Interested in Polyester Spun Yarn – 40/1, 40/2 Mr. Fotouhi

Azarkish Company: Iran T. 0098 915 1072635 Email: [email protected] Interested in Fabrics for men’s suiting & shirting Mr. Ardalan        

Berry: Iran T.0098 912 6348795 Email: [email protected]  Interested in Polyester Viscose Cotton – 40/1 – Yarn and Polyester Cotton yarn Mr. Berri       

Body Spinner: Iran T. 0098 912 5624219 Email: [email protected] Interested in Cotton Fabrics for Men’s garments; cotton fabrics for Trousers, Jeans Mr. Ramin Javan Roud        

Bonded International Trading Corporation: P.O. Box 16767-1955, Tehran, Iran T. +9821-88623118 (10 Lines) M.+989018995449 Email: [email protected] Website : Interested in Cotton Fabrics for Garments/Home Textiles  87093.03

Boute Co.: Alborz Industrial City-4th Hekmat T.+98(28) 3222 4891 +98(28) 3222 4211 Email1: [email protected] Email2: [email protected] Website : Interested in Lycra Yarn; Viscose Yarn; Lycra Fabris for Knitting Ms. Fariba Shahab

Buffalo: Email: [email protected] Website : Interested in P/C Yarn -65/35 [size 8 to 12]; Polyester Spun Yarn Mr. Farhad

Chavoshi Company: Iran Email: [email protected] Interested in Polyester Viscose Yarn for knitting Mr. Chavoshi       

Deniz Company: Iran T.0098 9129238848 Email: [email protected] Interested in 100% compact cotton yarn for knitting (30s and 40s) Mr. Azad        

Derakhshan: Iran T.0098 912 1140822 Email: [email protected] Interested in Nylon Mono filament yarn; Spandex yarn Mr. Milad Derakhshan       

Diba Tex: T.+98 912 2300 434/+90 537 281 28 37 Email: [email protected] Interested in Polyester Yarn (high spun) – 160 Denier Mr. Hossein Mousavi          

Esteghlal Knitting: Iran T.0098 913802048/0098 912 7774770 Interested in Coton yarn – (1/40, 1/30 & 1/20); P/C Yarn – 65:35; FDY – DTY Mr. Zamani

Fajr Textile: Iran T. 009131549227 Interested in Velvet Yarn for Upholstery fabrics & curtains Mr. Ali Mir Fakhrodin        

Farayand Engineering Group: Iran T.0098 9121225109 Email: [email protected] Interested in Cotton Yarn – 30s; Viscose yarn; Polyester Viscose Yarn Mr. Mahdian

Faraz Kavian Co.: Apt 21, 6th Flr., No.15, Hormozan Bldg., Sadaf St., Western Sarv Ave, Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran T.+9821 22092095-22091821/22083092-22072468 M. 0912 199 4396 Email1: [email protected] Email2: [email protected] Website1: Website2: Interested in Fabric (Technical Textiles) for Garments used in factories – Polyester 98%/Carbon 12%. This fabric should be with carbon yarn – Grey & Dyed (<200gsm). Also, special fabric for cleaning room (technical textiles) Mr. S.R. Moosavi Chairman/Commercial Manager     

Fiberona Co. Ltd.: 2nd Floor, No.211 (Bldg 111), Mirza-e-Shirazi Ave, Corner Ostad Motaheri, Tehran – 15867-13136, Iran  T.0098 21 88723355/88720636 F.0098-21-88719552 M. 0098 912 102 7970 Email1: [email protected] Email2: [email protected] Interested in Agency. Iqbal Singh Shahpuri – M.D.

Fkco Company: Iran T.0098 912 3752748 Email: [email protected] Interested in Sateen for necktie; Polyester yarn – Grey & Dyed Mr. Mahdi Khashei        

FNX Shipping: Iran T.+98 9058937025 Email1: ba.ja[email protected] Email2: [email protected]     Website : Provider of shipping services      

GI.VI.Co.: Italy & Iran T.+98 912 804 74 10 (Iran) +3904451850127 (Italy) Email1: [email protected] Email2: [email protected] Interested in Spandex Yarn, Strech/Knitted Yarn; Spun Yarn -Elastic Bands 40-20 

Gian Franco Rossi Fashion: Iran T. 0098 912 3123215939 Interested in Fabrics for Necktie Mr. Khashei       

GLTG Company: Iran T.0098 9121263917 Interested in Polyester Puff – 100/150; Cotton Puff Mr. Abdollahi        

Goldasteh Baft Co.: Iran T. +98 21 5581 73 87 F. +98 21 5557 7392 M. +98 935 52 60 711 Email: [email protected] Interested in Cotton  Yarn for Knitted Fabrics Mr. Ahmad Naib – Deputy of Commercial Dept.       

Gozal Curtain Company: Iran T. 0098 9380 2043203 Interested in Cotton Yarn, Filament Yarn Mr. Mehdi Adigozali