Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. is the industry leader in FM Approved heat resistant fabrics and textiles. Manufactured in Maine, AMI specializes in high performance coated textiles and composite fabrics for extreme temperature applications.

We manufacture high-performance textiles for extreme temperature protection.

Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI) is the industry’s leading expert in the manufacture of high performance textiles for extreme temperature protection. For decades, AMI textile solutions have been applied around the world in the manufacture of metals, petroleum, chemicals, glass, paper and wherever flames and extreme heat can be a danger.

AMI was one of the first manufacturers to recognize the superiority of aramid fibers for heat resistance. Our innovation team is continually working on textile and coating solutions that provide extreme heat protection, and are durable, comfortable, flexible, wearable and cost effective. Our fabrics are widely used for heavy-duty PPE heat protection and industrial safety clothing in many industries.

We offer fully integrated capabilities, making core-spun yarns, weaving, knitting, coating and aluminizing heat resistant fabrics in a wide variety of weights, widths and performance characteristics with specially developed coatings that allow easy cutting and sewing into mittens and gloves, coats, hoods, boot linings, and aprons–without sacrificing temperature resistance. Our non-abrasive fabrics are widely used throughout industry for heat and molten metal splash protection.

Contact: Matt Lapron
Address: PO Box 220, Mechanic Falls, ME 04256
Telephone: 207-345-8771
Email:[email protected]
Company size (# of employees): 50
Are you currently exporting? (If yes, where?) North, Central & South America, Australia, Europe,
Are you using any Free Trade Agreements or Preference Programs? Which one? NAFTA, KORUS, AUSTRALIA, PERU
Do you have design capabilities? Yes
Do you have warehousing capabilities? Yes
Additional Company Information: AMI is a leading developer & manufacturer of heat and fire-resistant TEXTILEs used by industries: primary metals, petroleum, chemicals, glass, paper, power generation, construction, transportation & aerospace. Applications: Mechanical & Insulation, Welding, MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations), & OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Woven, Nonwoven, Coated Fabrics
Type: Industrial
Wholly Made or Partially Made in U.S.A: Products Wholly Made in U.S.A.
Production Locations: ME
List any special washes or treatments available: Conversion of fiberglass to silica
What certifications do you have? ISO 9001:2015, FM Approved to ANSI/FM 4950

Type: Industrial TEXTILEs
Wholly Made or Partially Made in U.S.A: Products Wholly Made in U.S.A.

What certifications do you have? ISO 9001:2015

List your top consumers: Industrial, Defense Contractors

Manmade Fiber and Silk Fabrics: Fiberglass, Fiberglass
Additional Product Information: Fiberglass, silica, coated fabrics

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