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We create mesh netting fabrics with an almost unlimited variety of shapes and sizes. The advantage of mesh and net fabrics reside in their strength-to-weight ratio. These textiles can be lightweight, but remarkably tough and tear resistant. As one of the leading producers of mesh and netting in the United States, Apex Mills’ breadth and depth of experience allows us to vary the porosity of mesh and netting properties to meet highly specific applications. We can tighten the loops to create a filter fabric that allows water to pass through while capturing tiny particulates. We can use high elongation or elastomeric yarns to make fabrics with significant stretch and recovery.

Textiles are far more sophisticated than sweaters and cotton cloth. With applications in fields as wide ranging as aerospace, automotive, biodiversity and health care, the broad range of qualities and characteristics that textiles offer, make them a perfect solution for challenges from simple to complex. Some are tough, some are soft, some are stretchy, some are all of these. Some help clean polluted water. Some prevent burns. Some hold airplane parts together. Others camouflage soldiers in combat. Apex Mills specializes in designing the right fabric construction for the application in which it will be used.

Contact: Pamela Siegel
Address: 168 Doughty Blvd, Inwood, NY 11096
Telephone: 516-239-4400
Email:[email protected]
Website: http://www.apexmills.com
Company size (# of employees): 110
Are you currently exporting? (If yes, where?) Canada, Europe, Asia, Mexico, New Zealand
Are you using any Free Trade Agreements or Preference Programs? Which one? No
Do you have design capabilities? Yes
Do you have warehousing capabilities? Yes

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Warp knits – solids, mesh/netting, 3D spacers
Type: Agriculture, Geo-TEXTILEs, Industrial, Medical
Wholly Made or Partially Made in U.S.A: Products Wholly Made in U.S.A., yarns may come from overseas
List any special washes or treatments available: fire resistant, moisture wicking, anti-microbial

Type: Apparel Fabric, Industrial TEXTILEs, Medical TEXTILEs, Technical TEXTILEs
Wholly Made or Partially Made in U.S.A: Products Wholly Made in U.S.A., some yarns may come from overseas

Knit Fabrics: Elastic fabrics

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