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The European Clusters Alliance

15 National Associations Of Clusters

More than 800 Clusters Organisations

The European Clusters Alliance joins:

  • 18 entities: national associations of clusters, public agencies or country ambassadors
  • More than 800 clusters organisations
  • 150,000 of our most innovative businesses
  • Over 11,000 universities, research centers and public institutions

European clusters account for almost 61.8 million jobs.

The European Clusters Alliance is represented in:

  • The European Commission’s Industrial Forum expert group
  • The EC Cluster expert group
  • The European Economic and Social Committee, CMMI group
  • The Sounding Board of the Europeal Cluster Collaboration Platform


The association joins 15 national associations of clusters and more than 800 clusters organisations on european level. These make up for 123,000 of our most innovative businesses and over 10,000 universities, research centres, and public institutions. Furthermore, ECA has representatives from Italy, Ireland, and Greece – countries without national clusters networks – who serve as ambassadors.

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