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INVISTA’s New Quality Standards for Natural Fiber Based Underwear

“INVISTA was surprised to identify such a gap and problem in the underwear market, and we have spent time and resources in the past years to fill this gap with a proprietary test method, which is part of a new quality standard specifically engineered for low LYCRA® fiber content fabrics blended with natural fibers that go into underwear. We are raising the bar in the underwear industry to bring the end-consumers more comfortable and longer-lasting underwear, and we’re very excited about what this will mean for the market. With this, underwear has become a new strategic marketing focus for us,” says Kim Chi Phung, INVISTA’s new underwear global segment leader.

Kim adds: “In addition to bringing to market a unique new quality standard for underwear fabrics based on specialized performance criteria, INVISTA is introducing two powerful platforms to market the improved feel and fit of underwear made with LYCRA® fibers.” Indeed, independent research explored thousands of potential combinations between brand names, logos, taglines, benefit statements and features. The concept most likely to inspire purchase intent among women was LYCRA® INT!MATE fabric (73%).

The majority of men responded to LYCRA® FREEF!T® fabric (80%). “The gender-specific brands offer a more dynamic and targeted approach to consumer appeal,” Kim concludes.

INVISTA has teamed-up with leading French underwear company Pull-in in designing a promotional LYCRA® FREEF!T® fabric men underwear (90% cotton/10% LYCRA® fiber1), to highlight the value-add of underwear garments providing a comfortable, long lasting fit.

About Pull-in : Underwear brand Pull-in brought freshness and creativity in prints to the very conservative lingerie world. Today, it is renowned for the originality and quality of its underwear products designed in France and manufactured in Europe. The brand has come a long way since its creation in 2000, with concept stores openings in France and in the US, broadening the range of its products. Pull-in uses LYCRA® fiber to provide freedom of movement, wearing comfort and dimensional stability in all its range.


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