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Director-General of Health, Lisbon, Portugal, authorises Anti-insect Biocides made in Spain

Quimica De Munguia

DGS-PortugalUnder the required terms, Director-General of Health, Lisbon, Portugal, has granted Product Authorization to Quimica De Munguia S.A. – a Spanish registered company – manufacturing biocide formulations like insect-repellents and mosquitoes repellents. As per the authorization, the company will be held responsible for placing a product on the Portuguese market. The company’s registered office is located at Derio Bidea 51, 48100 Munguia, Spain. The company produces BitePrevent® and Anti-Insect Sprays. The authorization is for the availability and use of the insect repellent product, ready to use indoors and outdoors, containing 25.5% ethyl Butylacetyl-amino-propionate (IR3535) used in spray cotton clothing to repel adults and nymphs Culicidae: tropical mosquitoes (Anopheles spp.) and from Ixodidae: ticks, named Diptron Textile Repellent (non-professional use). The Authorization No. (PT/DGS bbs-01/2021) of the biocidal product has been issued on 08 January 2021 and will be valid until April 5, 2029. Portugal has already authorised BitePrevent® and Anti-Insect Spray (Nos. : DGS MRP-82/2019 and DGS MRP-91/2019 respectively.)

The Directorate-General of Health is a division of the Portuguese public administration concerned with public health. Even though it is statutorily a service of the Ministry of Health, it is a public agency with administrative autonomy.

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