Jeanologia Launches a Digital Tool Exclusively Developed for Jeans Production

Jeanology has introduced a new groundbreaking device, eDesinger, the world leader in the sustainable development of technology, which reinvents the way jeans are made. eDesigner is a program that has been specifically created and optimized for jeans development. This links designers to wash developers and brands standardizes formats and improves production processes by making them more effective and time-consuming.

unnamedThe tool makes it simpler, quicker, more innovative for designers to design more intuitively, providing a technical, effective more sustainable alternative to traditional design.

eDesginer simplifies output and streamlines. It can go from concept to prototype and approval in an hour, because you can see on the screen what’s on the jeans. This implies significant sample reduction, which simultaneously reduces the time for more sustainable production.

This is also an open platform that can be integrated with other virtual stitching or 3D applications and connect development centers with production centers in realtime, ensuring total production reproducibility.


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