Textile Olympiad 2.0 at SKTEC launched

Fazle Rabby

textile-olympiadThe current era is the era of competition. To survive in this age of competition, we always need to outdo ourselves. There are always new strategies to learn. This is the key to success. Therefore the students of textile engineering must prepare themselves with so many skills and technical knowledge in order to thrive in the textile and garments industry.

The main driving force of Bangladesh’s economy is foreign exchange earnings. Whereas 84 percent of this foreign exchange comes from the Textiles and apparel industry. Bangladesh ranks second in garment industry exports. Skilled manpower is required to sustain Bangladesh in this competitive market. Along with Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) six more government textile engineering colleges are also contributing to produce skilled manpower for our textiles and garments industry. The engineers who have passed from these institutes are working in the textile industry with great skills and reputation as well. Soft skills development with academic knowledge helps them to reach their desired career goal.

In continuation of the last year, the Career Club of Sheikh Kamal Textile College organized Textile Olympiad Season 2 to take themselves one step further in this competitive industry. However last year this Olympiad was held in the presence of live participants. This year for the closure of educational institutions due to the global Corona epidemic, they have opted for an online platform to host the program.

Last year it was organized by SKTEC at their campus only, nevertheless, this year five more government textile engineering colleges have joined the Textile Olympiad. Interestingly, this time a huge response has been received from all the students of the Textile Engineering Colleges in such a program.

In this competition, there are two campus ambassadors for each campus, who have helped the students for the registration process and now giving the necessary information to the candidates. A total number of 14 delegates were selected from 7 campuses.

This year Textile Olympiad 2.o is media partnered by the leading Bangladeshi textile and apparel industry focusing magazine “Textile Focus”,

Textile Olympiad 2.o is also blessed with radio partner SARSTEC Radio 00.08 FM, T-shirt partner Crimson, and food partner Tong Cuisine.

There are 7 segments in this year’s Textile Olympiad Session-2. These include quizzes, debates, case studies, blogging, video presentations, photography and drawing. More than 750 candidates have registered in these seven divisions. Registration run from June 28 to July 7. So far, it is estimated that 98 candidates in blogging, 42 teams in the case study, 16 teams in the debate, 174 candidates in photography, 227 candidates in the quiz and 55 candidates in video presentation have participated in the Textile Olympiad 2.0 program. Competition in each segment is currently underway.  It is expected that the results of each segment will be published by August 30.

To control the continuity and transparency, an honorable teacher will present from each campus in the “Teacher’s Panel”. Engr. Nayon Chandra Ghosh, Assistant Professor from Shahid Abdur Rab Serniabat Textile Engineering College, Barishal (SARSTEC), Fahad Mahmud, Lecturer from Sheikh Kamal Textile Engineering College, Jhenaidah (SKTEC), Tariqul Islam, Lecturer from Textile Engineering College, Zorargonj, Chittagong (CTEC), Zahid Mahmud,  Lecturer from Pabna Textile Engineering College, Pabna (PTEC), Bishwajit Das, Lecturer from Textile Engineering College, Noakhali (TECN), Nur Alam, Lecturer from Dr. M A Wazed Miah Textile Engineering College, Rangpur (DWMTEC) will be present in ‘Teacher’s Panel’.

Additionally, Mr. Maeen Md. Khairul Akter Lecturer, BUTEX is acting as an honorable judge in Content Writing Segment of this program. He will be joining in the judiciary and manage the judicial process of every segment.

President of SKTEC Career Club Eden Majumder said, “When all the educational institutes will be open, then we’ll do a program by inviting all the winners, sponsors and ambassadors with a seminar in our Campus.”

General Secretary of SKTEC Career Club Antora Saha said, “We want to make this pandemic situation fruitful for the students of textile colleges so that they can utilize their valuable time creatively and wisely. It’s our pleasure that all the Career club accepts our invitation and agrees to collaborate with Sktec Career Club for making this event successful. And the best thing is that we got a huge response from students where they are participating willingly. Not only students but also our teachers supported us for this online Olympiad. We are grateful to them. Hopefully, this event will be successful with god grace and everyone’s support.”

Source: Textile Focus

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