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Loepfe Brothers Ltd.


From Switzerland, Loepfe Brothers Ltd. with its optical yarn clearers has revolutionized quality control in the textile industry. Today, Loepfe is the world-wide leading manufacturer and solution partner for electronic online quality assurance systems. Machine manufacturers as well as spinning mills and weaving mills around the globe use Loepfe technology from Switzerland. They know what to expect: Innovation at top level, quality made in Switzerland.


• Yarn quality control winding
• Yarn quality control open-end spinning
• Data management winding
• Laboratory fiber testing
• Laboratory yarn testing
• Laboratory data management
• Yarn control weaving
• Weft control weaving
• Thermal fabric cutting

Flagship product

YarnMaster ZENIT+: The optoelectronic YarnMaster ZENIT+ guarantees 100 \% online quality monitoring during the winding process to produce consistently high-quality yarns.

Loepfe Brothers Ltd.
Kastellstrasse 10
CH-8623 Wetzikon

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