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ConVacc AG (Steinemann CVS)


ConVacc AG, with its Steinemann Central Vacuum Systems, is a Steinmann family company and part of the Hofast Holding. Active since 1906 in its machinery department – designing and manufacturing products based on vacuum, pressure and heat. Steinemann CVS have been applied mainly for waste disposal in the textile industry. More than 450 systems are in operation worldwide as manual, semi- or fully automatic installations, to ease the waste management and to increase efficiency in this technology minded industry, and are prove of the manufacturer’s competence and reliability.


• Manual Cleaning: Machines and equipment
• Manual Cleaning: Production rooms
• Manual Cleaning: Return air ducts, etc.
• Automatic waste disposal: O/E Spinning machines
• Automatic waste disposal: Air Jet Spinning machines
• Automatic waste disposal: Dust collectors
• Automatic waste disposal: Fiber separators
• Automatic waste disposal: Traveling Cleaners

Flagship product

Steinemann Central Vacuum System: Central Vacuum Systems for the efficient dust, fly and waste handling throughout the textile production.

ConVacc AG (Steinemann CVS)
Wilerstrasse 2180
CH-9230 Flawil

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