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Additive Colour Mixing on Textiles with Liquid Crystal Dye Systems

Heriot-Watt University, Galashiels, Scotland

There are two types of thermochromic dye systems which change colour in reaction to temperature variation that are suitable for application to textiles; the leuco dye type (which change from coloured to colourless) and the liquid crystal type (which change through a spectrum of colours).The presentation illustrated selected findings from a practice-led investigation, particularly focusing on the colour change mechanisms of the liquid crystal type, and how, in principle, they can be used to produce colours by additive colour mixing on a fabric surface. The presentation is supported by initial results from a parallel investigation, inspired by the practice-led research, into the scientific basis of the additive colour mixing properties observed. The research highlights that liquid crystals have hidden inspiration on the generation of responsive colour still to offer. In conclusion the presentation will highlight particular design considerations for the use of liquid crystals; for example, they will never offer the permanence or stability of traditional dye stuffs making it necessary to consider non-permanent colour as part of a designs function.

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