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Xerox announces the Xerox Adaptive CMYK + Kit for Xerox Versant®, the market’s first adaptive technology kit, enabling instant digital printing enhancements by adding seven custom colors to an existing production press. Xerox Adaptive CMYK + Kit, four-color Xerox Versant 180 Press, fluorescent colors of yellow, magenta and cyan and gold, silver, […] The post Your Color Palette Will Be Over One Million! appeared first on InkJet Magazine.

Xerox has announced the Xerox Adaptive CMYK + Kit for Xerox Versant® , the first set of adaptive technologies in the print market that provides instant digital print enhancements by adding seven custom colors to an existing production press   .

The Xerox Adaptive CMYK + Kit includes a four-color Xerox Versant 180 Press with fluorescent colors of yellow, magenta and cyan, and a machine that can create one million color nuances and hues by adding gold, silver, white, transparent colors, 11-color Beyond CMYK printing machine. transforming.

Digital development of printing is a $ 25 billion market, access to this opportunity often requires capital investment in a printing machine capable of printing Beyond CMYK. The Xerox Adaptive CMYK Kit for Versant offers print providers the ability to replace only toner to print colors and enhancements, increasing profitability and providing higher margins without the need for a new press.

“Versant CMYK + Adaptive Kit enables print providers to offer higher value proposals without big investment,” said Marybeth Gilbert, Vice President and General Manager, Xerox Production Business . “The Versant kit expands Xerox’s market-leading CMYK portfolio, providing our customers with the opportunity to develop digital printing from large-volume print centers to light production to office space.”

According to Keypoint Intelligence, print providers can increase their profit margins on digital enhancements by 50 to 400 percent over regular printing. In addition, promotional prints such as marketing materials, brochures, business cards and signs are the most common application category for coloring.

The Xerox Adaptive CMYK + Kit for Xerox Versant has three options: Xerox Vivid Toner Kit (gold, silver, white and clear), Xerox Fluorescent Kit (cyan, magenta and yellow) – or Xerox Vivid + Fluorescent kit combination for all 11 colors. The adaptable kit works with the EFI DFE versions of the Versant 180 and Versant 180 Performance Package.

Current state:

The Xerox Adaptive CMYK + Kit for the Xerox Versant can be ordered in both EMEA and the USA. The kit will be available for sale in EMEA on 15 July 2020 and in the United States on 17 August 2020.

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The post Your Palette of Colors to Over One Million! appeared first on InkJet Magazine .

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