Located in Verrone and Mongrando (Italy) and founded by Antonio Ricignolo in 1928, GTI S.p.A (Gruppo Tessile Industriale) specializes in the production of worsted, woollen and fancy luxury yarns exclusively out of natural fibres. These yarns are developed for applications in weaving, flat and hand knitting. The collection of yarns include the original brand “Ricignolo 1928” as well as the two additional collections “Lane Edelweiss” and “Lane Grawitz” (hand knitting). In 2015 GTI joined the global worsted yarn producer Südwolle Group.

Since its origins in 1928, Ricignolo has always been involved in constant research, cataloguing and the in depth study of natural fibres, with passion and curiosity.
Thorough knowledge of animal and plant fibres suitable for spinning, together with the skill to select the best from around the world, these are the starting points for developing yarns that best express the characteristics of the raw materials. Also providing the creative inspiration for the knitwear industry and hand knitters.
The fibres are treated with industrial expertise that has its roots in the craftsman’s workshop, to emphasize their natural qualities.

Ricignolo designs another fabulous summer with all the refinement of noble fibres that speak the timeless language of authentic natural beauty.
Lightweight yarns, soft, caressing touch, wave effects and sophisticated textures are the personality traits of this collection, in which cashmere, silks and linens are offered pure or in summer blends, ranging from the finest yarns to creations for luxurious hand-knitting.


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