Ruhabat Textile Complex, Turkmenistan

Ruhabat factory

Products: Raw cotton fabric, dyed cotton fabric, cotton yarn

Ruhabat Textile Complex carries out yarn and white cotton spinning, textile and dye printing production from cotton mills in all parts of the country. The textile complex currently exports its products to Canada, the United States, the Russian Federation, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Turkey and Italy.

In addition to the dyeing of cotton yarn, the dyeing of cotton wool, flannel, creton, ranfors cotton fabrics is carried out. At the Painting Press Production Facility, high-end designers create the most up-to-date decorations.


ruhabat-logoRuhabat Textile Complex
Turkmenistan, Ashgabat city, Ruhabat district, Ashgabat-Turkmenbashi main road 16th km
Phone: +993 12 25 88 70/72/73
Fax: +993 12 25 87 74
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.ruhabattextile.com.tm

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