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The basic production steps include knitting, fabric preparation, wet or dry processing, finishing, quality assurance and shipping.

Knitting: Our state of the art knitting equipment has the capability to produce circular knit fabrics in jersey, interlock, double knit and terry constructions. With 85 knitting machines, Adele Knits has the capacity to knit over 300,000 pounds of fabric weekly. All equipment is monitored and controlled by the latest computer technology.

Jet dyeing: Adele knits has the ability to scour and dye all of our polyester and heavy weight nylon fabrics in our computer-controlled jet dyeing equipment. This pressurized, high temperature equipment produces fabrics with better color fastness properties.

Paddle dyeing: Our paddle equipment is used for the dyeing of lightweight nylon fabrics. This machinery is the most relaxed process available to produce ultra high stretch nylon products.

Contact: Byron Sharron
Address: 3304 Old Lexington Road, Winston Salem, NC 27107
Telephone: 3363920912
Email:[email protected]
Company size (# of employees): Approx 100
Are you currently exporting? (If yes, where?) Honduras, Thailand, Ireland
Are you using any Free Trade Agreements or Preference Programs? Which one?
Do you have design capabilities? Yes
Do you have warehousing capabilities? Yes
Additional Company Information: Founded in 1970, Adele Knits is a leading manufacturer of high quality circular knit products. Operating from its 200,000 square foot ISO 9001 registered facility based in North Carolina, Adele Knits is one of the world’s leading providers of circular knits for industrial, automotive, and sports performance fabrics. Adele Knits creates leading edge fabrics that enhance the way people live, work and play.

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing

Wholly Made or Partially Made in U.S.A: Products Wholly Made in U.S.A.
Production Capacity Per Month:
Production Locations: NC
List any special washes or treatments available:
What certifications do you have?

Men’s and Boys’ : Knit t-shirts and tank tops made for outerwear, Other knit shirts, Athletic shorts
Additional Product Information: Team Apparel for sublimation printed athletic wear

Women’s and Girls’ : Other knit shirts, Swimwear, Liner materials
Additional Product Information:

Knitted fabrics for coating & lamination
Type: Industrial
Wholly Made or Partially Made in U.S.A: Products Wholly Made in U.S.A.
Production Locations: NC

Type: Apparel Fabric, Technical TEXTILEs
Wholly Made or Partially Made in U.S.A: Products Wholly Made in U.S.A.
Production Locations: NC

List your top consumers:

Knit Fabrics: Elastic fabrics, Spandex blended materials, Nylon & Polyester

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