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Grob Willy Ltd.


Willy Grob Ltd. Eschenbach SG (Switzerland) is the global technology leader for external cloth winding systems behind weaving machines, covering a wide range of machinery starting from economic power winders up to high-end customized digital batching solutions. The passionate endeavour of continuously integrating newest digital and drive technologies has resulted in a product range with extraordinary capabilities and designs, achieving first class cloth roll Quality.


• Tangential winder
• Axial winder
• Heavy duty winding system
• Winder with fabric accumulation
• Compact winder
• Square-cloth beam
• Selvedge draw-off device

Flagship product

SUPERIOR TOUCH: State –of –the-art tangential batch winder. suitable for all type for fabrics including technical, automotive, bi-elastic, rowing or double-layer textiles.

Grob Willy Ltd.
Alte Schmerikonerstrasse 3
CH-8733 Eschenbach SG

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