Working in the sun, well protected by UV-protective textiles of James & Nicholson

Workwear with certified UV-protectionWorkwear with certified UV-protection

Many people work outdoors all day or part of the day. They have a much higher risk of contracting skin cancer than people working indoors. The same goes for leisure activities outdoors. The sun is your constant companion and supplies the vital vitamin D. But a lot of sun also means: headgear, sunscreen and UV-protective clothing.

The best protection against harmful UV-radiation is provided by certified UV-protective clothing. It shields off radiation, does not have to be applied once again like sunscreen and therefore lasts all day. For the parts of the body uncovered by clothes sunscreen with a high sun protection factor and a headgear should be used.

The LABTECH Prüfungsgesellschaft mbH, Quakenbrück, is officially accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 2005 and based on this standard, they test as an independent laboratory the UV-protective factor of our textiles.

With UPF 50+ certified workwear from James & Nicholson you can guarantee your customers optimal protection from the sun.

About UV-protection

Sun yes Sunburn no

Hohenstein, a global organisation providing certifications based on international standards, has following information on it’s home page:

Even the strongest cosmetic sunblock offers a maximum Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50. What’s more, for long-lasting protection, it must be applied several times and used correctly: before sun exposure and reapplied after being washed or rubbed off. In comparison, clothing and shading textiles are ideal for practical protection that far exceeds the maximum UV protection factors (UPF) of the strongest sunblock cream. Depending on the design, textiles can achieve an ultraviolet protection factor of up to UPF 80, meaning the wearer can stay protected in the sun for up to 80 times longer than the intrinsic protection time allows (dependent on skin type).

Consumers cannot judge a product’s ability to protect against UV rays by sight or touch. Based on standardized measurement procedures and neutral testing, we assign comparable and reliable values for the UV protection of garments or shades. We also offer certifications based on international standards, with the Hohenstein Quality Label or UV STANDARD 801 label for consumer communication.

UV protection factor of protective clothing for weldersTextile UV protection during welding processes: Skin is also damaged by artificial UV radiation. To specify the UV protection factor of protective clothing for welders, for example, we calculate the UV transmission for personal protective equipment, which can then be used to determine the maximum usage duration of the textiles in the respective welding process.

Headquartered in Bönnigheim, Germany, Hohenstein is an internationally recognized institute, specialized in testing, certifying and researching textile products of all kinds for more than 70 years. Hohenstein has around 1,000 employees working at their headquarters in Bönnigheim as well as in their laboratories and international offices around the globe on tailor-made testing and services.

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