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Durak Tekstil is Growing in Global Market with Solid Step

Turkey’s leading manufacturer of industrial sewing and embroidery thread Stop textiles, with nearly 50 years of industry experience and innovative manufacturing principles continue to provide added value to the Turkish textile sector. The company, which meets the high quality and qualified yarn demand of the global textile industry with its continuous innovation concept, has managed to grow both itself and the Turkish textile industry with its investments. Focusing on yarns with improved technical and application properties, Durak Tekstil has become one of the demanded brands in the global market with these solutions .

Turkey’s first polyester embroidery thread manufacturer of textile Stop, the 1972 makes a difference by investing in innovation ever since. The company, which grows every year with its strong vision, solid production and sales strategy, today exports the majority of its production to more than 70 countries spread over 5 continents. Durak Tekstil Board Member and Marketing Manager Yiğit Durak said that this is the result of a successfully managed process. Noting that Durak Tekstil has focused on innovations since the day it was founded, Yiğit Durak gave important information about the company’s development and innovative work.

Stop saying Textile today is working with a monthly average of 250 tons of production capacity in Bursa and production facilities in China Yigit Durak, Turkey’s 81 to spread as well sales network in Istanbul, with sales offices in Austria and Poland and more than 25 announced that they have a network of distributors. Yiğit Durak stated the following; “The production process, which starts with the supply of raw materials, is carried out by meeting 100% quality control and product safety criteria. The raw material we supply is carefully evaluated by our team and it is reported whether it meets the criteria. Approved raw materials can enter our production process. In addition, our POY facility also gives us confidence in raw materials. The folding, twisting, dyeing and finishing processes of these raw materials are carried out in our facility with new technology machines. In the final stage, the yarns we produce are wrapped in bobbins and packaged for use in machines. With more than 350 employees, we continue to work with great devotion so that our products reach more than 70 countries. “

Continuing its investment strategy in 2020, when the pandemic was experienced with all its intensity, Durak Tekstil updated its machine park. Yiğit Durak stated that, thanks to this investment, their production capacity increased by approximately 50% and that they had the opportunity to give customers better service times.

Durak Tekstil is Growing with Firm Steps in the Global Market - Yiğit Durak
Durak Tekstil is Growing with Firm Steps in the Global Market – Yiğit Durak

POY investment increased production flexibility to Durak Tekstil

One of the most important milestones in the growth process of Durak Tekstil is the POY (filament) facility, which was established in the 90s. Saying that they got rid of dependency on raw material suppliers with the POY investment, Yiğit Durak continued his words as follows; “At that time, supply networks were not that advanced and there was a serious dependence on suppliers in terms of production. Periodically experienced raw material supply difficulties prevented our growth and production targets. While the POY facility we have implemented saves us from dependence on raw material suppliers, it has given us the power to produce the yarns we want using the raw materials we want. In particular, we eliminated the problems that may be encountered in fine yarn supply. With the POY investment, we have turned an important bend on the road to growth. “

Durak Tekstil is also one of the first textile companies to have established R&D. Yiğit Durak said “We are always proud of being an innovative company” and emphasized that the development and improvement of innovative products is in the company culture. Stating that the R&D department also functions as a ‘business technical library’ for the company, Durak explained that they saw great benefits from the R&D department in the processes of new product development and certification of innovations. Stating that 19 R&D projects have received state support so far, Durak said that they both closely follow the developments in the global textile machinery market and cooperate closely with universities. Station; “For example, we follow developments in military applications. Especially, the demand for products made with technical threads is increasing. Developments at many points, from products that change color with heat to products suitable for filtration systems, from the food sector to the health sector, inspire our R&D studies. We have even achieved great success in working with aramid fibers. “

The share of value-added products in the portfolio is increasing

Durak Tekstil, which has a wide product portfolio in the field of sewing and embroidery threads, continues to develop special yarns that meet the demands of the customers. The main market for sewing and embroidery threads is the ready-to-wear and apparel industry. However, especially the bed and furniture sector has shown a rapid development in recent years. Yiğit Durak said that the share and amount of high value added products in the portfolio increased; “For example, our efficiency-enhancing products and security products that we developed with our intensive R&D studies achieved a rapid rise in the market. “These yarns can be used in many different application areas with their late ignition and cut resistance properties.”

Noting that they believe that the way to be a successful brand passes through the category of technical products, Yiğit Durak explained their work on this subject as follows; “Almost all of our products are able to apply various technical finish (finishing) properties. We give features such as water repellency, static electricity conductivity, resistance to UV rays, and special dyeing to our sewing and embroidery threads. In this way, water-proof technical textiles such as air balloons, sails and similar can be produced with our yarns. This production contributes not only to ours, but also to the Turkish textile industry to be competitive in the global market. “

Yiğit Durak shared that they have developed new products to increase production efficiency in both embroidery and sewing machines. Durak said that their Duma and Duraless products brought a different perspective to the lower thread system used in sewing machines and hooks; “These products take about 3 times more yarn than traditional reels. In this way, it provides longer working time, extends uninterrupted production time and increases operational efficiency ”.

100% renewable energy is used in the Bursa facility

Saying that Durak Tekstil’s efforts on environment and sustainability go back a long way, Yiğit Durak noted that they have a comprehensive program. Stating that they use completely renewable energy in their Bursa facility, Durak; “In addition, we supply our recycled raw materials from 100% reliable sources, fully certified. We offer our entire polyester and nylon product range with recycled alternatives. We show the importance we attach to the protection of the environment and resources by using 30 plastic bottles for 1 kg of yarn. Our ISO Quality Certificate and Oeko-Tex certificate prove that we comply with international labor standards ”.

Speaking about the short and medium term market targets, Yiğit Durak said; He concluded his words as follows: “As Durak Tekstil, we aim to increase our share in exports. We plan to increase our domestic and export sales to 70% in favor of exports in 2021 and to 80% in 2022. In the next 5 years, we aim to grow more in the global market and become a globally known and accessible brand. “

(Courtesy: Textilegence, Turkey)

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