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Exporter : Garmon & Bozzetto Srl, Italy

The textile speciality chemicals manufacturing company Garmon & Bozzetto Srl is located at Bergamo – a city and comune in Lombardy, Italy – about 40 km northeast of Milan. The company offers Legafinish Fast for denim finishing. The company claims following advantages of Legafinish Fast over the conventional products. Garmon & Bozzetto claims that the new process solves most of the current problems.Issues with Current Processes : The processes currently in use are carried out with chemical products & procedures that result in the following critical points :

  1. Fabric damage : lowering of mechanical resistance such as tear and tensile strength and depolymerisa-tion of cellulose chain.
  2. Difficult application on garments made of light fabrics or delicate fibres.
  3. Very long processes.
  4. High energy consumption.
  5. Formaldehyde residuals on the garments.
  6. No chance to retreat out-of-standard garments.
  7. Current processes are influenced by alkalinity carried over by denim fabrics.

Company’s Product/s :


Advantages of Legafinish Fast :

  1. Legafinish Fast has no effect on the fabric’s mechanical characteristics. Since fabric strength remains unaffected, Legafinfsh Fast allows retreating out-of-standard garments.
  2. Legafinish Fast allows resination on light-weight and delicate fabrics.
  3. Legafinsh Fast reduces treatment time to a great extent (with the right equipment it is possible to skip the curing step).
  4. Legafinish Fast drastically reduces energy consumption as it is cured at temps. below 100oC.
  5. Legafinish Fast does not contain formaldehyde.
  6. Legafinish Fast cross-linking is not affected by alkali residuals.

Contact details :

Garmon & Bozzetto Srl
Via Provinciale, 12-24040 Filago (BG)
Bergamo (BG), R.E.A. 281361 Italy
Email : [email protected]
Ph : +39035996838

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