SIGVARIS GROUP France is a beautiful and large medical textile industry , located on three sites in the Loire and Haut-Rhin!

Leader in the field of restraint* with 150 years of medical expertise, SIGVARIS GROUP offers solutions to women and men suffering from venous and lymphatic pathologies, so that they feel better, every day. Through 14 subsidiaries and distributors located in 70 countries around the world, SIGVARIS GROUP is as close as possible to patients and consumers. In France, SIGVARIS GROUP has been established for more than 100 years in areas with historic textile know-how, in the Loire and Haut-Rhin.

A health company: At the origin of medical compression treatment in collaboration with health professionals in the 1960s, SIGVARIS GROUP France is today the leader in this market with 5 million pairs of stockings, tights and socks sold each year in France.

A “Made in France” company: SIGVARIS GROUP France carries out all the production stages of its products in France, from the transformation of the yarn to the packaging of the finished products on its three sites in France.

An innovative company sensitive to the needs of patients: SIGVARIS GROUP France’s innovation approach is based on the identified needs of medical compression wearers. Recently this approach was illustrated by the launch of maternity tights, or by a range of support products adapted to skin tones for a nude effect. Thus, SIGVARIS GROUP France provides innovative solutions to compression wearers to enable them to find the most suitable treatment.

Within SIGVARIS GROUP there are more than a hundred different professions: women and men who work together to help individuals feel better, every day. So join us!

SIGVARIS GROUP France in figures:

  • 750 employees
  • More than 100 different professions
  • 5 million pairs made in France per year
  • 150 years of expertise
  • 100% made in France

*Medical restraint or compression (compression stockings, tights and socks) is the standard treatment for venous disease (heavy legs, edema, varicose veins, etc.).

Compression stockings for venous problems

Medical compression stockings are intended for people who suffer from moderate to severe venous disease or lymphatic congestion. They have a precisely controlled pressure curve that decreases upwards, which prevents blood from pooling in the lower legs. When you are moving, they also support the so-called “calf muscle pump”. The muscles in the lower leg ensure that the leg veins are compressed so that the blood can be pumped back up to the heart. If you want to buy compression stockings, you can buy them from specialist retailers, e.g. B. have it professionally adjusted in a pharmacy, medical supply store or orthopedic store. The size depends on the leg length and leg circumference.

With compression solutions from Sigvaris, you can continue your life without compromise: Sigvaris compression therapy not only addresses your medical needs and comfort – it fits your lifestyle.

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