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Embroidery nonwovens used as inside layer in face masks: For better protection of our fellow human beings

Stephan Gunold Head of MarketingThe nonwovens of the long-established Stockstadt company Gunold are usually used for embroidery, but currently they are really popular for the production of face masks. Both tear-away nonwovens and cut-away nonwovens in different weights are used. “The tear-away nonwovens are thin, hardly show at all and are ideal for inserting into the masks to retain the droplets,” explains Marketing Manager Stephan Gunold. “The cut-away nonwovens are perfect when they’re to be sewn into the mask.” In addition, the effect fabrics, which Gunold also offers in its range of products, are currently being used as mask fabrics. Among the tear-away nonwovens, the 1640 and 1650 weights are particularly popular. For cutting nonwovens, the weights 2040 and 2055 are in demand. To prevent the nonwoven from warping when worn, Gunold recommends a cutting nonwoven for ironing-on, such as the 1975B.

The Optimum Stabilizer for all Fabric Types !

Embroidery nonwovens from GunoldProduct description

Perfect embroideries want the right base fabric, high-quality threads – and always a stabilising backing to bring out the best in both, fabric and embroidery design! Our range of embroidery nonwovens includes ideal stabilising solutions for all embroidery applications. You may need a cut-away or tear-away stabilizer, one with coating or a self adhesive non-woven – with a stabilizer that is well-suited for your base fabric, you will achieve best results in every respect – quality and productivity. Optimise your production with the vast variety!

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