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List Of Leading Fashion Houses & Designers in Germany

United Fashion

The United Fashion project is run by a network of 7 European fashion promotion associations from 6 different countries.

Fashion has always been at the forefront of innovation — from the invention of the sewing machine to the rise of e-commerce. Like tech, fashion is forward-looking and cyclical. Estimated to be worth more than $3T by the end of the decade, according to CB Insights’ Industry Analyst Consensus, the fashion sector is also one of the largest industries in the world.

Textile and clothing retail are linked together because textile manufacturing as an industry leads to the production and sale of clothing items. Textiles also include workwear, sportswear, various home textiles and bedding. The German clothing retail sector generated fluctuating, but generally increasing amounts of revenue in the last two decades, passing the 30 billion euros mark after 2014. German consumers spent 65.3 billion euros on clothing and shoes in 2020. “Consistently, the most popular retailers to shop for clothing and textile products were Otto (an online retailer), H&M and C&A,” says a recent report of CB Insights.

CB Insights is a technology based market intelligence platform whose software algorithmically analyzes this data to help clients see where the world is going tomorrow, today.

Tech is automating the fashion designer

A look at the evolution of the fashion industry reveals where technology is taking it next, from AR/VR dressing rooms to temperature-changing smart fabrics and beyond. And today, fashion technology is growing at a faster pace than ever. Robots that sew and cut fabric, AI algorithms that predict style trends, VR mirrors in dressing rooms, and an array of other innovations show how technology is automating, personalizing, and speeding up the fashion space.

Fashion brands of all sizes and specialties are using technology to understand customers better than ever before. As those data collection efforts grow more sophisticated, artificial intelligence will reshape brands’ approach to product design and development, with a focus on predicting what customers will want to wear next.

Outside of fashion, manufacturers are already using AI to generate out-of-the-box prototypes for products ranging from aircraft parts to golf equipment. Generative design software is expected to be a $44.5B market by 2030, per CB Insights’ Industry Analyst Consensus.

CB Insights’ latest report highlights the trends reshaping how our clothes and accessories are designed, manufactured, distributed, and marketed. Contact them for more information via Email.

List Of Leading Fashion Houses & Designers in Germany

AAGold[email protected]
AA Gold stands for fashionable attitude; sustainable conviction and the responsible use of resources. The Munich-based label; founded by Verena Stoppel & Arnold Gevers; focuses on designs according to zero waste principles. Inspired by the strong silhouettes of Asian clothing traditions; the clear line is in the foreground.
Abury[email protected]
ABURY is the first fair trade lifestyle brand and platform that brings together modern design and traditional craftsmanship to create and sell high quality, handmade products with social impact.
Agnes Nordenholz[email protected]
Agnes Nordenholz is the label of designer Agnes Schorer and was founded in 2015 in Berlin. The name stands for trend-setting design and extraordinary accessories made of leather, loden and fur. Agnes Nordenholz wants to create products with "soul"; which resist a fast pace.
Aleksandra Viktor[email protected]
The label AleksandraViktor was founded in 2019 by Aleksandra Jagdfeld in Berlin and produces exclusively elaborately crafted individual pieces in traditional Uzbek ikat weaving technique. The fabrics are woven in a manufactory in Uzbekistan and the product is manufactured in Germany; in the highest quality.
Alex Degel Studio[email protected]
Alex Degel is a PR and communications great with more than 20 years of international brand experience in fashion and lifestyle and a background of communications consulting both in-house and at agencies for companies such as Prada; Versace; Bottega Veneta; Tory Burch and Birkenstock.
Alexandra Svendsen[email protected]
Exclusive leather goods and accessories; handmade and ecologically sustainably produced in Germany. This is what the Alexandra Svendsen brand stands for. Our puristic-elegant handbags are exclusively Made in Germany and made of soft; multi-certified natural leather.
Alhambra Berlin[email protected]
Exactly 100 years after the foundation stone of the historic building was laid, ALHAMBRA BERLIN will open its doors in September 2021 as a trend-setting co-retail space. The unique concept on Berlin's historic Kurfürstendamm combines a mixture of showroom, gallery, event space and store and serves as a symbiosis of modern sales and marketing concept.
Anita Tillmann
Anja Gockel[email protected]
Anja Gockel's vision for 25 years has been; to give women visibility with her collection. With great passion she pursues her dream - everything is possible; but only together.
Antonia Zander[email protected]
Antonia Zander is a sustainable label for luxury fashion.
April First[email protected]
April First opened on April 1, 2016 in the old barn district of Auguststraße 77 in Mitte and since then invites you to shop. In addition to high-quality fashion and exclusive accessories of selected international labels; owner Carolin Dunkel also sells her self-designed velvet poefs.
Artis Fashion Group[email protected]
The Leading Full Service Fashion Group: The Artis Fashion Group serves clients from the fashion industry in the areas of Consulting; Coaching & Commerce.
Astrid Jansen[email protected]
Awarded the Environmental Prize for Fashion & Health, the brand Astrid Jansen has been one of the innovative pioneers of slow fashion and upcycling since the 90s. Since 2015, the innovative signature element with function is the result of a precise technical achievement for their handbag collections; which are produced in Germany.
Bigoudi[email protected]
Since 1985, Bigoudi has been one of the leading international networks of creative management for hair; make-up; styling; food styling; casting; art direction and illustration.
Bikini Berlin[email protected]
Bikini Berlin combines working, preserving and entertaining with unconventional shopping experiences. The concept shopping mall sees itself as a compilation of carefully curated boutiques and eateries. The modular pop-up boxes are also part of the mall. Here, well-known brands launch new products or present their creations for the first time.
Brookmedia[email protected]
Brookmedia develops and markets premium journalistic formats and supplements on the topics of luxury/lifestyle and private finance. For Der Spiegel, Bianca Lang-Bognar is in charge of the editorial management of the style supplement "S", from the topic idea to photo shoots and image editing; for Manager Magazin, she is in charge of the luxury supplement Splendid.
Buki Akomolafe[email protected]
Berlin-based label Buki Akomolafe was founded in 2016 by designer Buki Akomolafe. The high-end label stands for contemporary fashion and design; with precise cuts that take the best of two worlds - a classic-clean tailoring made in Europe paired with shapes and traditional craftsmanship from the African continent.
BurdaVerlaghttps://www.burda.com/de/Hubert Burda Media's German publishing activities are combined in this strong publishing unit. BurdaVerlag is a functionally organized company and home to more than 160 print and digital media products that reach 31 million readers every month, or 63 percent of Germans. As a new publishing house for a new age, BurdaVerlag integrates the journalistic expertise and the great strength of its brands, thus opening up entrepreneurial growth opportunities in the German media market. All brands in the subject areas of fashion & lifestyle, news, food and TV magazines are anchored in the Publishing Premium division. These include journalistic brands such as Bunte and Focus as well as the fashion & lifestyle brands Freundin, Elle, Instyle, Harper's Bazaar and Esquire.
Casa Nata[email protected]
One target. No distractions. Timeless - modern. That is casa nata. A purist, feminine interpretation of a lifestyle brand. A collection of favourite pieces characterised by high-quality materials and perfect workmanship. A style that conveys relaxed elegance, logic and self-confidence. Monochrome must-haves with subtle, surprising design details.
Cashmere Victim[email protected]
Konstanze Maager founded the label Cashmere Victim in 2016; whose priority is quality. Therefore, the yarns for her collections come from Italian producers. The design, on the other hand, is less traditional; but innovative and modern. Cashmere Victim also relies exclusively on sustainable processes in areas such as production, packaging and shipping.
Christiane Arp
Claudia Hofmann
Claus Tyler[email protected]
Claus Tyler stands for sustainable and socially responsible luxury fashion from Europe for Europe.
Cloudy Zakrocki
Condé Nast Germany GmbH[email protected]
Condé Nast is the most exclusive media company in the world. In Germany, its portfolio includes Vogue, Glamour, GQ, AD and Wired.
CooCooShop[email protected]
Our mission is to make sure your store or brand is ready for the next step in retail history.
Core Artist Managementhttp://www.core-management.eu/Paul James Hay is the CEO of Core Artist Management and the Managing Editor of Encore Magazine. Core is one of Europe's leading modeling agencies based in Hamburg and Berlin. Encore Magazine serves models and clients in the fashion industry, spotlighting emerging talent with innovative and original content.
Cruba[email protected]
Damian Hirschberghttps://www.hirschberg-studios.com/
Damir Doma[email protected]
Damir Doma is the founder and creative director of the eponymous brand based in Milan. Born in Croatia and raised in Germany, he studied fashion in Munich and in Berlin. After gaining experience in the ateliers of Raf Simons and Dirk Schönberger in Antwerp, he moved to Paris and launched his first collection in 2007.
Damur[email protected]
Damur is a conceptual ready-to-wear fashion label from Berlin, founded in 2015 by Shih-Shun Huang. At Damur, we reconstruct the shape of garments and thus create a new definition of style. Our essence "Naughty Elegance", expressed in the unapologetic Berlin attitude, mixed with the nuances of the designer's Far Eastern heritage, is visualized in every design.
Danny Reinke[email protected]
Danny Reinke's prêt-à-couture collections are characterised by the irony and intelligence of his artful creations and stylings. Reinke's signature design elements emphasise sensual femininity, while opulent tulle dresses provide a strong yet harmonious contrast to the embroidery that is a trademark of the brand. All garments are lovingly handcrafted from the highest quality materials in Reinke's Berlin studio. 
Dawid Tomaszewski[email protected]
Dawid Tomaszewski is a contemporary German luxury label; which has achieved fame throughout Europe with innovative design and the highest quality of craftsmanship. The selection of high-quality materials and the know-how of craftsmanship; paired with an irrepressible attention to detail; make the brand a luxurious ready-to-wear label with couture appeal.
Dear Darling Berlin[email protected]
Responsible Fine Jewelry - for beautiful & conscious minds. Dear Darling Berlin is a label for sustainably and responsibly made jewellery from Germany & Italy. Our style is characterised by modern, timeless design and follows the mantra: with good basics you have endless options.
Deux Visions[email protected]
Two with the courage to fashion. Strong expression, uncompromising cuts and an unmistakable message. It is the passion for Paris that unites the two founders: Matthias Schröder and Simona Crocamo. The label of the two "Deux Visions" is a commitment to high-class design.
Dirk Schönberger
Drip By Drip[email protected]
DripbyDrip exists because the textile industry consumes and pollutes water. There is a solution: a paradigm shift in the fashion industry. DripbyDrip is a non-profit organization that provides information and global solutions to the water problems caused by the textile industry and works with consumers and professionals to create change.
Esther Perbandt[email protected]
Behind the label "esther perbandt", which has been around for 17 years, is Esther Perbandt, born and raised in Berlin, hardened in Moscow and honed in Paris. Her collections are mainly black, for reasons of timelessness, sustainability and style.
FakePR[email protected]
FakePR is anything but what the name suggests. Founded in 2005 by Clare and Mike Langhammer, the agency stands out for its unpretentious and approachable approach to public relations and brand consultancy, offering real strategies and solutions for an exclusive portfolio of clients.
Faulhaber Products[email protected]
Since 2017 Faulhaber Products stands for longevity and quality and creates accessories and true companions with this claim. The brand is dedicated to true luxury through transparency and a responsible use of resources - from origin to final product. Timeless products that become the legacy of the next generation.
Fiona Bennett[email protected]
Fiona Bennett is the most successful and also the most extraordinary milliner in Germany. Her hats have graced the cover of Vogue, all major fashion magazines feature her creations in their photo spreads, and celebrities worldwide wear Bennett's models. Her visions know no bounds.
Frau Frieda[email protected]
Frieda Vogel is not only known for photography. Today, her greatest passion is creating unusual handbags, which are manufactured under the brand name Frau Frieda as total works of art with the very highest quality standards. She personally designs every bag and accessory in her collection, from the frame to the individual clasp.
Fuenf By Musina[email protected]
FunktionSchnitt[email protected]
FunktionSchnitt - modern and sustainable mindstyle.
GCS Consulting[email protected]
GCS Consulting is a management consultancy with a 100% focus on the fashion, luxury, sports & shoes sectors. As an operative management consultancy with many years of experience, we accompany you with a team of specialists in putting your framework conditions and processes to the test. We develop sustainable strategies and help you together with your team to implement them efficiently. In this way, you can successfully meet the current challenges of digitalization in a sustainable manner.
Gherzi[email protected]
We are an independent global firm of consultants, technical specialists, engineers, architects and planners working in all areas of industrial and infrastructure projects.
Golpira[email protected]
In 2014 Gisa Golpira founded her jewellery label "Golpira". Out of the desire to create unique pieces of jewellery from naturally formed gold nuggets. Golpira is a German based jewellery label offering luxurious, sustainable and unique handmade fine gold jewellery. Golpira's DNA reflects high craftsmanship paired with timeless style.
Greenstyle Munich fair and conference[email protected]
The Greenstyle munich (GMUC) fair and conference is the first B2C Fair Fashion Fair & Conference to provide a stylish platform for the collections of (inter)national sustainable fashion brands and their smart concepts. Twice a year (April/October) the GMUC shows in the Isarforum at the Deutsches Museum in Munich that eco is the new cool. And at some point also the new normal.
H&Mhttp://www.hm.com/deThe H&M brand offers fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way for women, men, teens and children. The range includes everything from sparkling gala outfits and exclusive designer collaborations to everyday basics and high-performance yoga wear to help fashionistas around the world dress in their own personal style.
Hashtag Showrooming[email protected]
Showrooming GmbH, founded in 2017 by Ayhan Yuruk, is a retail studio based in Berlin that enriches brick-and-mortar retail with innovative concepts and innovative technologies, thus enabling a seamless shopping experience between on-& offline.
Haus Glanz[email protected]
Haus Glanz presents Germany's best in design, fashion and culture as a showroom, magazine, agency and retailer.
Hellmuth - Tanja Hellmuth Studios[email protected]
Hellmuth. Tanja Hellmuth Studios is a fashion brand, from a woman to women. The focus is on modern easy-to-wear dresses, blouses, skirts and sweaters. 100% silk, organic cotton denim and sweat blends as well as shaping jerseys are core qualities. Hellmuth. Tanja Hellmuth Studios creates and produces responsibly.
I'VR Isabel Vollrath[email protected]
I'VR Isabel Vollrath is all about recognizable accents that fuse fashion and art. The signature silhouettes are structural, abstract pieces that hug the female figure and visualize the designer's passion for exceptional textures, high-end details and undeniable craft background in bespoke tailoring. She presented her debut collection in 2015 during Berlin Fashion Week.
Inga Griese
Item m6[email protected]
Ivo von Renner[email protected]
Ivo von Renner, photographer and filmmaker, has been a dress-up artist since childhood. He sees fashion as a visual gesture of individuality, attitude towards life and emotion. His inspiration is based on his collaboration with his wife, muse and manager Dagmar.
Jan 'n June[email protected]
#byebyefastfashion: This is the motto under which the Hamburg-based fashion label Jan 'n June was launched in 2014. The special thing? Combining fashion, affordability and sustainability.
Joah Kraus
Julia Leifert[email protected]
JULIA LEIFERT stands for holistic sustainability and casually elegant design that underlines modern, independent femininity within urban diversity and encourages the wearer to follow her individual path. The Berlin-based brand offers a seasonless, modern yet timeless capsule wardrobe, handmade locally by highly skilled artisans:inside. Since 2014, JULIA LEIFERT has combined social responsibility, environmentally conscious and resource-saving business practices with award-winning design to create the next generation of fashion.
Julian Daynov[email protected]
After spending the last seven years traveling the world as a certified trend scout & fashion analyst and holding jobs in fashion direction, retail buying and portfolio management for clients such as Barneys, Harrods, TJX Companies and Saks Fifth Avenue, Julian recently moved his personal and business base to Berlin.
Justin Reddig[email protected]
Founded in Berlin in 2012, Justin Reddig creates fashion for the woman who loves the art of tailoring in its highest form. As a Berlin-based brand, Justin Reddig's aim is to revive the elegance and grandeur of the 1920s that was inherent in Berlin culture when the city was a fashion capital in its own right.
Jutta Ohms
Karen Heumann
Karen Jessen[email protected]
Benu / Karen Jessen founded her label Benu in 2012 with the vision to combine sustainable lifestyle with design. The label transforms denim into originals designed to last through distinctive craftsmanship techniques.
Kaviar Gauche[email protected]
They create modern bridal couture as well as luxurious occasion looks: The Berlin fashion label Kaviar Gauche is one of the most successful and internationally renowned German fashion labels and stands for 'modern glamour made in Germany'.
Kiki Albrecht[email protected]
Kiki Albrecht is a Creative Communication Consultant based in Berlin. With a deep understanding of the fashion and luxury industry, she develops effective communication strategies and media relations for her clients' unique needs.
Kim Tiziana Rottmüller[email protected]
"Fashion for me is art. Art means eternity - limitless possibilities.'' - Kim Tiziana Rottmüller
Kind Of Blau[email protected]
We are driven to establish a new narrative that unites heritage, culture and a responsible approach to water. As a pillar of our Water First Approach, we amplify the voices of those determined to change the footprint of the fashion industry.
Kolo Berlin[email protected]
Kragnart Berlin GmbH[email protected]
KRAGNART - Live can be easy, we love to let style be easy, too. Enjoy!
LNFA Shop[email protected]
The Network sees itself as an association of all fashion professionals and thus we want to guarantee our visitors a maximum of new contacts in all trades of the fashion industry. Visitors to The Network have the opportunity to effectively expand their professional network in the shortest possible time.
Lara Krude[email protected]
Lara Krude founded her eponymous label in 2018, developing collections based on traditional craftsmanship that give space to both the body and the fabric. The Hamburg-based designer focuses on an appreciation of materials and workmanship, while her decelerated designs create a casual elegance and abstract femininity.
Last Heirs[email protected]
Last Heirs is an international fashion collective run by Lea Roth & Max Dörner. Working with the people they value and respect most has always been at the heart of the pair's design ethos and has informed their early work in the industry for the likes of LVMH, Comme des Garcons and more.
Layla De Mue[email protected]
The slow fashion label Layla De Mue pays attention to high quality, sustainability, fair production and refined design in their accessory line. The carefully selected material is sourced from Germany. The high-quality cords and silver-plated tubes are certified with Oeko-Tex-Standard 100. The jewellery is handmade and is designed and produced in Berlin.
Lectra[email protected]
Lectra creates high-end technologies for companies that bring fashion, automotive interiors, and furniture to life. Its offering - from design to manufacturing - strengthens brands, manufacturers and retailers to maintain their market position in the age of digital transformation. Founded in 1973, Lectra now has 34 offices worldwide and serves customers in over 100 countries.
Liebeskind Berlin[email protected]
Liebeskind Berlin was founded in 2003 and has since evolved into the Berlin Handbag Brand. The brand is known for its changeable designs; which reflect the zeitgeist of Berlin and thus combine functionality with flair. Liebeskind Berlin - timeless; modern; self-confident.
Liganord[email protected]
Liganord represents stylists; Set Designer; Hair Makeup Artists and Modelmaker. Our customer base is international; however, the German fashion industry; editorial offices and advertising agencies. Another focus is red carpet events; accompany the equipment and look of celebrities.
Luisa Cerano[email protected]
Luisa Cerano inspires confident women with individual style - all over the world. The foundation of our brand is the unmistakably feminine, casual silhouette. Its innovative and contemporary interpretation is our trademark. With its high standards of design, quality and value for money, LUISA CERANO sets itself apart and occupies a special position in the premium segment.
Lukso Blockchain GmbH[email protected]
Lukso is the blockchain solution for the modern creative industry. It enables lifestyle, fashion, media and design protagonists to drive the core themes of creative work in the future and bring together the latest use cases on a blockchain.
Lutz Morrishttps://lutzmorris.com/Lutz Morris is luxury leather goods that are deliberately handmade in Germany and is the winner of the 2020 Sustainability Award of the FGI (Fashion Group International) in New York.
Maison Baum[email protected]
Maison Baum is a brand from Berlin with a revolutionary concept for comfortable high heels. As the first fashion house with medical expertise and a patented footbed, they have made it their goal to revolutionize the shoe industry. 4 years of development by Christof Baum and his father, an orthopedic surgeon, can be seen: an invisible orthopedic footbed especially for high heels, which distributes the body weight more evenly in the shoe. The high heels are now developed in Germany, designed in Paris and manufactured in Portugal.
Maison Héroïne[email protected]
At Maison Héroïne, timeless elegance meets refined functionality. Thanks to the finest Italian craftsmanship, each of our premium bags has a unique character. They are bold, versatile and graceful, just like their wearers. From business to everyday heroine, Maison Héroïne bags complement and accompany the lifestyle of today's modern woman.
Malaikaraiss[email protected]
Since 2010 Malaikaraiss has stood for a strong yet delicate, feminine look that never loses its lightness despite clear cuts and exciting textures. With great attention to detail, the designer and her creative team develop collections that include ready-to-wear as well as leather accessories and high-quality jewelry.
Mandie Bienek
Marcel Ostertag[email protected]
Marcel Ostertag is a doer and a brand in one. From his headquarters in Berlin with its pulsating streets and the dynamics of the city he draws his inspiration, which arises in the field of tension between traditional influences and modernity.
Marco Scaiano Berlin[email protected]
The Berlin label stands for straight lines, interesting cuts with detail and changeable silhouettes. The collections combine sustainable materials with ethical production, timeless but also unconventional design with a high level of quality.
Marcus Kurz
Marie-Louise Berg
Marina Hoermanseder[email protected]
Marina Hoermanseder is a womenswear label from Berlin that was founded in 2013 by the designer of the same name. The fashion of the French-Austrian designer stands for distinct individualism and combines refined craftsmanship with eccentric and elegant creations.
Mario Eimuth
Maxwell-Scott[email protected]
Maxwell Scott stands for quality, timelessness and durability. The brand offers high quality and perfectly crafted leather products for the discerning customer. The luxury company combines Italian craftsmanship with British design to produce elegant products of the highest quality. Maxwell Scott bags and accessories are classic and at the same time made for modern life
Melagence[email protected]
Melagence was founded in 2013 by Melanie Bauer and offers a combination of authentic sales and creative marketing services for international designer labels as a fashion agency with showroom. In April 2020, the e-commerce platform MELAGENCE LOCAL was launched, where you can buy the current collections from local businesses.
Melissa Drier
Mersor[email protected]
Mersor stands for stylish personalized leather accessories. Inspired by the diversity and uniqueness of Berlin, the label combines timeless elegance with contemporary design. Each product is made to the highest quality standards and finished by hand in Berlin - individually for each customer.
Messe Frankfurt[email protected]
With around 60 international events under the umbrella of the "Texpertise Network", Messe Frankfurt is the international market leader for textile fairs and reaches around 23,000 exhibitors and 600,000 visitors worldwide every year. The focus is on the entire textile value chain: from apparel fabrics, fashion, home textiles and technical textiles to textile processing and care. A central theme is sustainability. Together with the Conscious Fashion Campaign and the United Nations Office for Partnerships, we support the Sustainable Development Goals.
Minx[email protected]
In the studio at Gut Strehlhof in Lower Franconia, fashion has been created by hand for over 30 years. The new design collective around Daniel Wingate, which has been setting the artistic direction since 2018, does nothing to change this. Newly inspired and with a love for individual craftsmanship, Minx produces unique pieces that tell of character and a holistic fashion concept.
Nana Bodywear[email protected]
Founded by a German Sustain Concept finalist, Lydia Maurer (Swimwear-Make Phylyda), and two co-founders, Morgane Parizot and Kristin Sperling, Nana Bodywear is both a fashion and a femtech startup, newly launched in Fall 2020. This early-stage startup builds on the inclusive, sustainable, and made-on-demand swimwear brand Phylyda,. However - thanks to the cooperation with the co-founders coming from engineering and digital innovation management backgrounds - with a decidedly technical and feature-oriented perspective.
Naquli[email protected]
We stand for good quality and attention to detail. Everyone should feel comfortable in their clothes, just like the feeling when you are woken up by the warm rays on a sunny spring morning and are immediately in a good mood.
Nat-2[email protected]
nat-2™ was founded by Sebastian Thies, 6th generation shoe designer since 1856 in Munich. The internationally awarded, sustainable high-end label for sneakers & shoes is available at top international retailers and already included in the collections of renowned international museums.
Natascha Von Hirschhausen[email protected]
The premium fashion label Natascha von Hirschhausen stands for simple, elegant designer fashion that is radically sustainable and produced in Berlin according to the zero-waste principle. In 2017, the brand was awarded the Bundespreis Ecodesign for its innovative and consistent sustainability concept.
Network PR[email protected]
Network Public Relations specialises in the holistic communication of fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands in German-speaking countries. For more than 20 years, Network PR has been developing and implementing efficient PR strategies and is considered a renowned expert in the establishment of brand and product.
Nicola Metzger[email protected]
Nicola Metzger makes organic and fair trade fashion in wonderful colours. To please people with fashion! The label was founded in May 2019 in Berlin.
Nina Ferrucci
Nina Klein[email protected]
Since 2012, Nina Klein has been working as a personal business coach with a focus on self-employed people in the creative business. In her work, she not only draws on years of experience as an entrepreneur, but also on her self-developed coaching program FLOW, which has been supporting her clients and artists in achieving their goals since 2018.
Nina Rein[email protected]
NINA REIN stands for sustainable and fairly produced business fashion for women. The collections convince not only with their organic quality, but also with their timeless, feminine design.
No.7585[email protected]
7585 was founded in 2018 by Alla and Joshua; Russian and German souls who met in December 2011 at the legendary Berlin rock'n'roll club "White Trash". Alla was trained in the studios of A.F.Vandevorst in Antwerp and many others in Berlin and Joshua studied art history in Vienna and acting in Berlin.
Nobi Talai[email protected]
The love of textiles and clear shapes run like a thread through the biography of Berlin-based designer Nobieh Talaei. The designer presents the collections of her label Nobi Talai, founded in 2015, at the Paris Fashion Week and has her studio in the ever-growing heart of Berlin.
Nordisk Büro[email protected]
Nordisk Büro is an owner-managed creative agency with a focus on strategic B2C and B2B communication for national and international industries. With a high focus on customer strategy, brand development, brand experience, pain points and - last but not least - design.
Nove[email protected]
Nove creates womenswear for the modern woman. Combining timeless elegance with contemporary sophistication, the result is a wardrobe that suits every stage of life.
Odeeh[email protected]
With their label Odeeh, Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich have stood for a now rare studio tradition since 2008. Odeeh is the result of the designer duo's striving for perfection and the passion for their collection. The creative handling of the different temperaments brings the special tension and complexity into the collection.
Oftt[email protected]
A sustainable collection of ten garments that you wear often.
Olaf Schmidt
Ottohttp://www.otto.de/Otto, with its approximately 4,500 employees, is part of the Otto Group, a leading global retail and services group with companies in more than 30 countries around the world. Founded in Germany in 1949, the Otto Group's business activities, with a total of around 51,800 employees today, cover the three segments of Multichannel Retail, Financial Services and Services.
PB 0110[email protected]
PB 0110 is a label by Philipp Bree. He believes in the relevance of beloved objects, in things that develop an individuality in everyday use and become indispensable companions over time. PB 0110 was founded on 01 October 2012, the first collection presented in January 2013 in Berlin and Paris. PB 0110 is available in over 70 selected stores worldwide.
Perlensau[email protected]
Perlensau! Berlin-based Online Store for Avantgarde and Futuristic Accessories. Custom made from high-class Materials. Embrace your uniqueness now!
Petra Esparza McAlpine Agency[email protected]
Phyne[email protected]
PHYNE is pure minimalism. By concentrating on the essentials, we offer people, artists and companies the space to be sustainably creative. Without preconceptions and completely without guidelines. The result is a miniamlistic streetwear collection and a variety of creative capsule collections that we realise together with our partners (PHYNE Labs).
premium group[email protected]
The PREMIUM GROUP is the organizer of the international fashion fairs PREMIUM, SEEK and the innovation conference FASHIONTECH and positions itself as the leading event and innovation leader in the European trade fair landscape. From summer 2021, PREMIUM GROUP will be co-organiser of Frankfurt Fashion Week.
QVSTA[email protected]
QVSTA is the platform for leading brands and modeling agencies to access a large and diverse selection of models through industry partnerships - making models accessible to the global audience of internet-connected art buyers and bookers. Through QVSTA partnerships, brands discover leading talent from the world's best agencies.
Quinto GmbH[email protected]
The Berlin-based consulting, event design and production company was established in 1993 in New York as Quinto + Company, Inc. The company relocated and in 2014 Quinto GmbH was founded in Berlin as an international consulting agency for art, music and fashion brands. Norma Quinto has over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry with an extensive international network.
Rebelle[email protected]
Rebelle.com is one of the leading European online marketplaces for designer secondhand and offers an all-inclusive service for sellers. A team of experts checks every item for authenticity and condition, guaranteeing buyers a safe shopping experience. Rebelle.com is operated by StyleRemains GmbH. The team of around 100 people is based in Hamburg's Speicherstadt. The managing director is Max Schönemann.
Rianna + Nina[email protected]
RIANNA + NINA was founded in 2014 by Rianna Kounou and Nina Knaudt in Berlin. Born from a shared love of vintage fabrics, traditional craftsmanship and colorful prints, the luxury label today inspires customers from all over the world with its unique creations. Handmade in the Berlin atelier, RIANNA + NINA designs are available in over 40 international A-list boutiques and hotels.
Roeckl[email protected]
For 180 years, the traditional house of Roeckl has stood for high-quality gloves and premium accessories that are handmade in its own manufactories in Europe and the best in the world. Since 1839 Roeckl has been synonymous with the finest leather gloves as well as elegant bags, small leather goods, fine silk foulards and fine knitted accessories.
SLY010[email protected]
Affordable luxury - that's what the DNA of SLY010 wants to express. SLY010 celebrates the contrast between femininity and cooler vibes every season. The man behind it, Bernd Schürmann, introduced an agency under his own name with high-end designers and brands such as Balmain, Azzaro, Guiseppe Zanotti and many more and was responsible as a leading product manager for international designer brands
Sabine Lettmannhttps://www.sabinelettmann.de/Sabine Lettmann focuses on sustainable design and the exploration of alternative design concepts. With the unisex collection idea otherways[project] she dedicates herself to the implementation of future-oriented design practices that draw on principles of the circular economy, zero waste cutting techniques and innovative materials.
Sarah-Jane Godman-Boritzki
Scott Lipinski
Sellpy[email protected]
Sellpy makes it easy to buy and sell secondhand online. Customers pack a Sellpy bag with everything they no longer need and Sellpy takes care of the entire selling process. Buyers shop a wide range of quality-checked items on sellpy.co.uk. This way, clothes and other products get a longer life and we save thousands of liters of water and tons of emissions.
Sepideh Ahadi[email protected]
The brand is dedicated to slow fashion and sustainable practices, with the designer creating her collections through a thoughtful and experimental process. The collections mostly reflect social issues of modern lifestyle, where the designer challenges herself to find an artistic way that helps to make a difference.
Showroom[email protected]
Showroom is a curated platform for the new generation of fashion. Today, it is the largest digital marketplace for independent labels in Europe, connecting over 1000 designers from 20 countries with customers looking for unique products with a quirky and individual touch.
Simone Leonhardt[email protected]
Simone Leonhardt is a Creative Consultant in the field of high-end fashion with a focus on brand development, collection design and sustainable design. Among others, she was responsible for the design studios at Costume National, Loewe, Narciso Rodriguez and Theory in Milan, Madrid and New York. She also taught as a guest lecturer for fashion design (BFA and MFA) at Parsons School of Design and Pratt Institute in New York as well as at AMD Akademie Mode & Design in Berlin.
Sincerely Designhttps://www.sincerely.design/Sincerely Design stands for poetic fashion and intricate craftsmanship. Inspired by intricate textures and the art of seeing beauty in impermanence, the label uses upcycling and other textile techniques to create unique creations that reflect the romance of modernity and the honesty of craftsmanship.
Sminfinity[email protected]
Clean. Minimalist. Modern. Sminfinity - that is knitwear with an infinite sense of value. German fashion designer Sabine Moschüring has been designing knitwear collections since 1991. She has worked as a design manager for Escada Sport, Iris von Arnim and Claudia Schiffer, among others. In 2014 she founded her own cashmere label Sminfinity in Hamburg.
Spitz[email protected]
The SPITZ sneakers were created out of a simple need: a shoe that combines style and comfort. The result is the special shape of the SPITZ: its exceptionally slim silhouette and conical shape, which has become the shoe's signature and gives it its own unique character.
Sqetch[email protected]
Sqetch is an innovation agency and IT company based in Berlin and Amsterdam. We connect fashion brands with manufacturers and suppliers with a B2B sourcing platform and smart tools for transparent supply chains. In addition to digital solutions and services, Sqetch organizes a range of innovation formats such as hackathons, exhibitions, conferences and think tanks for the digital and sustainable transformation of the fashion and textile industry.
Steffen Schraut[email protected]
Steinrohner[email protected]
Steinrohner, that's Inna Stein (1987) and Caroline Rohner (1987), rooted in Russia and Switzerland, blossoms and unfolds in Berlin. Self-confidently playful, Steinrohner's creations move between fashion and art, establishing a new style beyond conventions - a couture de la rue emerges at the intersection of haute couture and wearability.
Stiebich & Rieth[email protected]
In 2013 Julia Rieth and Detlef Stiebich founded their handbag label Stiebich & Rieth. On the basis of traditional craftsmanship, the models are created in an experimental way, which are clear in their formal language, strict and businesslike. Redefining luxury for themselves was one of their most important impulses.
Studio MM04[email protected]
Studio MM04 is a creative strategy consultancy that supports companies and organisations in planning and shaping their future with a consistent focus on fashionable aesthetics and sustainability. As forward thinkers, with more than 10 years of experience in the fashion and textile industry and an international network, Magdalena Schaffrin and Max Gilgenmann and their team create new solutions. Through their trusting and personal way of working, they open up spaces that enable constructive exchange and practical collaboration between different stakeholders.
Suits.[email protected]
Suits. is an internationally active executive search agency. We fill top management and high-calibre specialist positions in lifestyle markets - sectors such as fashion, sports, shoes, jewellery, beauty or living. Founded in Munich in 2016 by the former editor-in-chief of TextilWirtschaft, Jürgen Müller, we combine outstanding industry expertise with excellent recruiting know-how.
Susumu Ai[email protected]
SUSUMU AI is a Japanese - German fusion brand that offers a range of womenswear and accessories. Besides our seasonal collection, which is released twice a year, we also provide continuous core products for your daily wardrobe. Our design is contemporary yet traditional, modern yet timeless.
Talbot Runhof[email protected]
Never go too far, but always far enough: that's the design motto and philosophy of life for Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof. Since 2000 they have been designing glamorous evening dresses and cocktail dresses under the name Talbot Runhof. With their penchant for special fabrics, perfect cuts and extravagant details, the "Made in Germany" brand has gained a worldwide following. Whoever wears Talbot Runhof is up to something - this applies to the red carpet as well as in a business and leisure context, because in the meantime the range is also complemented by high-quality day dresses, suits, coats and accessories, in which the design vision is reflected just as much.
Tanja Christiani[email protected]
TANJA CHRISTIANI's fashion, inspired by modern architecture, stands for simplicity as well as sustainable and attentive design with an eye for details. The use of animal products such as leather, silk, wool and fur is deliberately avoided. All pieces are produced in Berlin from high-quality materials. Behind each collection is a strong concept of purist and casual-feminine looks, designed for durability and easy combinability.
Tatjana Philipp[email protected]
Perfectly constructed garments are at the core of Tatyana's brand, attributed to her refined aesthetic. Sleek silhouettes intertwine sharp cuts with organic draping to create garments that are as much works of art as they are wearable.
Tatjana Sprick
The Communication Architects[email protected]
The Communication Architects is a boutique communications consultancy for brands, people and businesses to create, implement and transform their holistic communications strategy. With over 25 years of experience and a comprehensive know-how in the field of communication and marketing, we offer valuable recommendations for action to create individual content, approaches and processes.
The Wunderwaffe[email protected]
The Wunderwaffe realizes commercial communication in an intersection of art and design. Campaigns, logos, fashion productions, events, product design, for example Jaguar models for The Beauty Show by Sagmeister&Walsh. As "Sagmeister Büro München" and "Special Agent" for Lürzer's Archive booked worldwide for lectures and creative workshops.
Theo Grassl[email protected]
Tim Labenda[email protected]
Tim Labenda is a German designer who lives and works in Berlin Kreuzberg. His women's collections are based on classic menswear attributes like tailoring, perfect fit and quality of fabrics and workmanship. The Tim Labenda woman stands firmly in life, is a more intellectual type who does not compromise and is always dressed authentically effortlessly.
Trend-Tech-Trade[email protected]
Trend-Tech-Trade's mission is to redefine fashion retail operations by developing a seamless in-store concept that transforms consumer buying behavior and trends in physical stores. To this end, the company has designed virtual reality booths to collect data and improve assortment, advertising and production. The company is backed by co-founder and CEO Devina Popat.
Ubooker[email protected]
Und Gretel[email protected]
Make-up artist Christina Roth and marketing expert Stephanie Dettmann have turned their simple yet ambitious goal into reality: To develop a cosmetics brand that shines in nature's multi-faceted colors, made with luxurious, nourishing textures based on natural ingredients. BDIH certified.
Utmon es pour Paris[email protected]
Utmon es pour Paris stands for modern luxury that combines elegant and timeless design with smart solutions. Because the more complex our world becomes, the more sophisticated we should make it. The label combines timeless elegance and organization with its iconic switchbag. Handmade, with the highest standards of design and quality.
Visore Lab[email protected]
Visore Lab is a fashion tech start-up specializing in the development and marketing of digital solutions for the fashion and hospitality industry. Readers of our interactive magazine get access to exclusive shoppable brand editorials during their stay with our hotel partners. Our recently launched Digital Showroom, provides unique content to drive sales for labels.
Waridi Schrobsdorff[email protected]
Waridi Schrobsdorff, born in Kenya, former model and fashion entrepreneur, founded FA254 in 2013 to promote the education, expertise and exposure of emerging designers from Africa. Waridi has faith in Africa's new talent and believes that fashion is the perfect tool to reposition Africa.
Weiter[email protected]
A FURTHER State of Mind
William Fan[email protected]
William Fan's passion and pursuit of perfection are evident in the refined implementation of a dialogue between Asian and European contrasts. The label works with manufacturers in Germany and Hong Kong and places high demands on traditional craftsmanship.
Wolfskin Tech Labhttps://www.jack-wolfskin.de/tech-lab/Style Meets Performance: Trendsetting technology and outstanding design - that's what the premium brand Wolfskin Tech Lab stands for. The high-quality line inspires fashion-savvy aesthetes who at the same time attach great importance to extraordinary functions. The collection is perfect for a new, smart generation - driven by technology and always on the go, whatever the weather.
Working title[email protected]
The working title brand is founded in 2018 by fashion designer Antonia Goy and architect Björn Kubeja. Influenced by their many years of experience, the duo combines high-end aesthetics and quality with sustainability.
Worldpearlslove[email protected]
Worldpearlslove is a sustainable neo-luxury fashion label based in Berlin. We design handmade, traditional vintage products gathered during many travels around the world and based on the principles of a circular fashion economy.In doing so we change the way clothes are designed and worn.
Yoona Tech[email protected]
Yuna Miray[email protected]
As a modern fashion label, Yuna Miray not only pays attention to the best design, but also to sustainability in all aspects of its production.
Zilingo[email protected]
Zilingo's mission is to impact the lives of as many people as possible by making the fashion value chain fair, connected and transparent. Through an ecosystem that combines data, software and fintech, Zilingo combines a commercial view of the fashion value chain with a purpose-driven vision to improve the planet and the lives of people impacted by the fashion industry.
Zoé de Huertas[email protected]
Zoé de Huertas creates leather goods for contemporary women with a cosmopolitan mentality. Since 2020, founder and creative director Margaux Lombard de Huertas has been designing the bags she wanted to wear but couldn't find. The brand's mission is to create clean and practical leather goods with an elegant and timeless aesthetic. Bags should not be superfluous, nor an impulsive purchase. Each bag is created to live and to be used. Each piece fills a gap in the contemporary market and is a reflection of the modern female lifestyle.
aeyde[email protected]
Founded in 2015 by Luisa Dames and Constantin Langholz-Baikousis, two creative business entrepreneurs with an urge to build a brand that is more than a high-quality product but a lifestyle brand that defines its uniqueness through the ongoing excitement between commercial reality and creativity. aeyde is a digital first, direct-to-consumer brand defining a new era of luxury. Based in the heart of Berlin, all products are manufactured by family-owned factories in Italy. 
lala Berlin[email protected]
For 15 years Lala Berlin has been shaping the Berlin fashion scene not only locally, but far beyond the city limits. Designer Leyla Piedayesh has created a brand that stands for uncompromising aesthetics with a strong identity and high quality standards.
novicewear[email protected]
Novicewear is a clothing brand based in Berlin: we reinterpret what workwear is today. We produce unisex products with a focus on durability and versatility with the goal of finding ways to produce, market and design products that promote long-term use. The brand aims to act as a collaborative platform that enhances the lifecycle of fashion.
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