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Sustainability thanks to in-house laundries

Reischlhof in Wegscheid in BavariaReischlhof in Wegscheid in Bavaria

The goals for sustainable development were set by the UN in 2016 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. Goals that the association for laundry class has also set itself up for: by working for the in-house laundry.

Sustainability is still a central issue in society. Class laundry , an independent information platform for everything to do with in-house laundry, says it has a responsibility to support hotels, restaurants and nursing homes in their sustainable development. Because every day valuable resources that could be saved by in-house laundries are wasted by transporting the laundry.

“We have taken the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) drawn up by the UN as guidelines for our work,” explains class underwear spokesman Markus Wendlinger. Based on these 17 goals, the world is to develop sustainably on an economic and ecological level by 2030. “For us at Klasse Lingerie, these are an important factor and guide for a more sustainable and conscious future.”

Promotion of sustainable washing in hotels, homes and restaurants

The interest group has set itself the goal of promoting sustainable washing in hotels, homes and restaurants. Companies that wash in the house would protect the environment in two ways, according to the association:

  1. By using modern and technologically advanced laundry machines that save up to 40 percent water and energy. The Hotel Auriga in Lech am Arlberg is playing a pioneering role here , as it uses the process of heat recovery in addition to the use of modern machines . The water that comes out of the water pipe at five degrees is heated up to 34°C with the heat given off by the dryer and ironing machine. According to this, water at up to 34°C is used for the washing cycles, saving electricity for heating water in the washing machine.
  2. By eliminating the transport routes , a high level of CO₂ emissions is saved. Since 1995, CO 2 emissions have been reduced by 9 percent for cars and 33 percent for trucks. Due to the higher number of trucks on the roads, emissions from road freight transport are still 22 percent higher than 25 years ago, according to the category underwear with reference to the Federal Environment Agency . “If we manage to raise awareness of the possibilities of in-house laundries, we can make an important contribution to the environment and sustainable development,” said Wendlinger.

Partnership with the Oeti Institute

In order to continue to conserve resources and to establish a more sustainable hotel, gastronomy and care for the elderly, Klasse Linen has developed a seal of approval for in-house laundries in partnership with the OETI Institute ( Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation ). In this way, facilities should be able to offer their guests and residents more transparency and a plus in certified comfort. Like the Reischlhof in Wegscheid in Bavaria. The owner of the Reischlhof, Hermann Reischl, sees sustainable development in the industry as a groundbreaking trend: ” The signs indicate that the hotels will do their laundry again in the house.”

You can also see these signs in class underwear. The interest group is therefore trying to win new member companies. Through new partnerships in the areas of laundry, laundry chemicals or the hotel industry and catering associations, the members can bundle their expertise and together create more awareness of the advantages of an in-house laundry – in line with SDG number 17: Partnerships.

Sustainable Development Goals: Partnerships to achieve the sustainability goals

Central aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals are sustainable economic growth, the equalization of unequal living standards as well as equal opportunities and the sustainable management of natural resources. This is intended to preserve ecosystems and make them more resilient.

“Sustainability is very important to us. That is why we want to convince more and more members of our environmentally conscious and sustainable solutions for everything to do with our in-house laundry,” explains Klasse underwear spokesman Wendlinger. “As an amalgamation of various companies in the three sectors of laundry, laundry chemicals and laundry machines, Klasse Laundry has been providing information about the advantages of in-house laundries since 2011,” says Wendlinger. “Together we can achieve more and improve the world sustainably.”

How do you wash hygienically?

Photo class laundryPhoto: class laundry

For particularly clean laundry, it is advisable to use industrial washing machines, as conventional household machines cannot always guarantee complete disinfection. This requires a wash cycle with thermal or chemo-thermal disinfection. Commercially available detergents can be used for the former, while for chemo-thermal disinfection only listed products in accordance with the requirements of the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH) and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) should be used. In order to keep laundry as hygienic as possible, the entire workflow should be strictly separated into an unclean and clean area. This reduces the risk of recontamination of the processed laundry.

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