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Belgian Textile Machinery AssociationThe Fastest Growing Industrial Sector Measured By Employment In Belgium

The Belgian textile machinery industry counts 30 companies, has a turnover of 1 Billion euro and a headcount of 4000. Its companies are active in machinery for indoor textiles (carpet, upholstery, velvet, table – bed linen …), garment textiles, technical textiles and textile finishing. Belgium produces the fastest air jet weaving machines in the world. The Belgian textile machinery companies pursue technological leadership strategies.

List Of Members Of Belgian Textile Machinery Association

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BMSvision is a leading supplier of Industry 4.0 investment products - detection systems, inspection systems and computer based management systems - for the textile industry. For over 40 years, BMSvision has been offering Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for weaving, knitting, tufting, finishing and spinning. All these products are aimed at improving productivity and quality levels in manufacturing companies. Its range of products and services is the broadest in the industry and is distributed and serviced world wide by a network of agencies and fully owned subsidiaries. The electronics and computers used in the BMSvision products are state-of-the-art, offering the reliability required by the textile environment. Our installation teams are familiar with textiles, and service is available worldwide. To maintain its position as world leader in these niche markets, BMSvision yearly spends 10% of its turnover on Research and Development.

BMSVISION IN WEAVING AND KNITTING: BMSvision is one of the international leaders in the supply of automation and quality improvement concepts for the textile weaving and knitting industry. The BMSvision weaving products have existed for over 40 years now and are used worldwide for production control in weaving mills producing Denim, Upholstery, Glass fiber, Terry towels and also in Circular and Warp Knitting factories and tufting mills. BMSvision offers total solutions for production monitoring, total quality control, quality improvement, automatic on-loom fabric inspection.

BMSVISION AND ENERGY MONITORING: The MES systems offer an energy monitoring module as part of the monitoring functionality of the system. The textile MES system's energy monitoring module makes it possible to analyze all energy consumptions and is a practical tool to minimize energy costs.

BMSVISION IN SPINNING: BMSvision is one of the international leaders in the supply of automation and quality improvement concepts for the textile spinning industry. The BMSvision spinning products have existed for over 25 years now and are used worldwide in the blow room, on draw frames, open end spinning machines, ring spinning machines, twisting machines, air texturing machines. BMSvision offers total solutions for production monitoring, total quality control, quality improvement, yarn clearers and statistical process control.

WeaveMaster: Real time monitoring and planning for your weave room; QualiMaster: Fabric inspection and optimized cutting; Cyclops and Argus: Automatic on-loom camera based fabric inspection; KnitMaster: Real time monitoring, planning and quality control for your knitting mill; OptiTwist: On-line quality control on twisting machines; SpinMaster: Real time production and quality monitoring for your spinning plant ; EnergyMaster: Energy monitoring – saving energy
Cotton Park
Spinnerijstraat 99/1
8500 Kortrijk

T +32 56 262 611

E [email protected]
W http://www.bmsvision.com

Europlasma is a global technology leader in innovative nano-coating solutions based on low pressure plasma technology, for which it develops proprietary processes, designs and builds turnkey vacuum plasma treatment equipment and supplies process chemicals. Through more than twenty five years of experience with low pressure plasma technology, Europlasma has been able to optimize this process to an industrial scale, unmatched in the industry. Europlasma masters a wide scale of production machines, with plasma chambers from 50 to 2000 liters. Great uniformity is combined with the shortest cycle times in the industry and the machines can be flexibly integrated into the production process. Europlasma also offers a unique line of roll-to-roll coaters for handling flexible circuitry, membranes, fabrics and nonwovens. From very small rolls of specialty materials to large rolls of fabric (width up to 2500 mm), Europlasma has a machine tailored to your needs.

Europlasma holds a portfolio of chemistries, including both fluorochemistries (Nanofics 120 containing PFOA, Nanofics 110 PFOA free) and halogen free chemistries (Nanofics 10 and our unique PlasmaGuard solution for wearables and electronics), or custom design systems. Our sister company, CPI, is a specialist in high speed atmospheric plasma roll-to-roll solutions for film substrates.

Europlasma has a growing portfolio of patents and patents pending protecting key aspects of both machine and process.
De Bruwaan 15
9700 Oudenaarde

T 055 30 32 05
F 055 31 87 53

E [email protected]
W http://www.europlasma.be

Gilbos manufactures exceptionally solid, economical machines for winding, assembling and air entangling of coarse yarns. The machines are built from own standard components. The Gilbos R&D department develops new components if required. Gilbos provides thorough training for the customer’s technicians and operators, so its machines are profitable right from the start. Its after-sales and spare-parts services guarantee that the machines remain fully operational for several decades. Numerous spinning mills and carpet factories all over the world make use daily of Gilbos machines to their full satisfaction.


Twinconer: An individual splicer for each yarn end! Fully automatic assembly unit, winding two yarn ends directly from spinning bobbins to 10" traverse packages, with electronic yarn clearing. Fully automatic preparation of the spinning bobbins. Semi-link or direct link possible. Improves efficiency during 2f1 twisting with more than 15 % and during tufting with more than 25 % thanks to the individual splicer per spindle. Very high winding speed and adjustable crossing angle thanks to the swivelling arm yarnguiding system. Precision winding available for increased package density and higher efficiency during 2f1 twisting.

MC-GF: Fully automatic rewinder from spinning bobbins, including electronic yarn clearing, in random or precision winding. Semi-link or direct link possible. Perfect package build-up thanks to swivelling arm, which allows also to run very coarse yarns at high speed, even up to Nm 0,4. Splicer per spindle with untwisting of the individual ends, very short splice cycle, quick change of splice chamber and is maintenance free. Equipped with automatic magazines for spinning bobbins up to 700 mm. Travelling doffing system ATS which consists of one or more travelling doffers carrying an empty cone and a central magazine for empty cones located at the front side of the machine and with 100 cones capacity.

N IDS10 D: Fully automatic assembly winder with accurate length measurement for 10" traverse packages. Yarnguiding by swivelling arm with positive yarnguide. Very effective mechanical Anti-Patterning System by changing constantly the number of strokes of the swivelling arm, at constant winding speed. Specially designed brake plate which stops the spindle immediately when a yarnbreakage occurs. Perfect yarnguiding and thanks to the swiveling arm principle. Precision winding available for increased package density.
Gilbos nv
Grote Baan 10
B-9310 Herdersem-Aalst

T +32 (0)53 78 18 78
F +32 (0)53 78 24 70

W http://www.gilbos.com

Groz-Beckert is the world’s leading provider of industrial machine needles, precision parts and fine tools, as well as systems and services for the production and joining of textile fabrics. All around the world, the products and services support the textile processes of knitting and warp knitting, weaving, felting, tufting, carding and sewing. The company, founded in 1852, employs more than 9,000 people and turned over about 671 million euro in 2019. Everything comes together at the headquarters in Albstadt, Germany. The family-owned company also has further production sites in Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Portugal, the USA, India, China, and Vietnam. Numerous sales affiliates and sales partners complement the international presence. Groz-Beckert offers its customers a comprehensive partnership – without boundaries and on site in over 150 countries.

Groz-Beckert Carding: Whether for short or long staple spinning or for the nonwovens industry, Groz-Beckert provides the appropriate tools for any application. The right choice of card clothing is crucial to obtaining optimum carding results. Groz-Beckert supplies high quality card clothing for all roller cards and revolving flat cards and areas of application. The selection includes metallic card clothing, stationary flats, flexible card clothing and revolving tops in various steel qualities and with different surface finishes. The product range is supported by Groz-Beckert's comprehensive service, which includes consulting and product recommendation, mounting service and roller repair, as well as start-up of carding lines.
Groz-Beckert Carding Belgium nv
Kleine Tapuitstraat 12
B-8540 Deerlijk

T +32 (0)56 65 19 20
F +32 (0)56 75 42 36

E [email protected]
W http://www.groz-beckert.com

Hammer-IMS is a high-tech industrial sensing company. The KU Leuven University spin-off company is based in Hasselt, Belgium. Hammer-IMS supplies systems for contactless measurement of basis-weight, thickness and anomalies of flat structures in production lines. The disruptive M-Ray technology of Hammer-IMS combines millimeter waves (high-frequency electromagnetic waves) with innovative algorithms – creating a clean alternative for today’s nuclear and radioactive measuring equipment. Hammer-IMS has systems running at international manufacturers of textiles, fabrics, nonwovens, plastics, coatings, etc. The modular and robust Hammer-IMS systems offer up to micron level accuracy on industrial in-line production lines.

Hammer-IMS offers M-Ray basis-weight measuring solutions for inline, OEM, and laboratory. The Hammer-IMS measuring systems are available in wider O-frame and more compact C-frame, and in special configurations to meet specific needs. The Hammer-IMS proprieritary M-Ray measuring technology introduce the following key benefits: Low total cost of ownership (TCO); Clean, non-radioactive technology – no licenses needed; Accurate & robust measurements – running 24/7 when needed; Single or multi sensor measurements – near 100% material coverage; High standoff distance (+30 centimeter) – no scratches and stains; Measuring opaque coatings – even containing opaque Barium-oxide powder
Kempische Steenweg 293, bus 36
3500 Hasselt

T +32 11 36 55 01

E [email protected]
W http://www.hammer-ims.com

Our company is specialized in the design and construction of quality carpet and technical textile finishing machinery. With HANDSAEME MACHINERY you can count on a personal approach from the engineering phase until after the start up at your factory. We design and install partial or complete production lines, with a different degree of industrial automation. Together with the customer we find a tailored solution that fits his production. With focus on production efficiency, safety, flexibility, customer satisfaction, cost efficiency and energy savings we have successfully built hundreds of machines.


Some of our machines are: Length cutting line for woven carpets; Overedging line for woven carpets; Full-automatic width cutting line; Semi-automatic double fringing line for woven carpets; Full-automatic double fringing line; Semi-automatic double glue-line for woven carpets; Full-automatic double glue-line; Full-automatic roller on axe; Centreless roller; Roll-in packing machine; Automatic packing line with shrink foil; Transporting systems; Backing unwinder for tufted carpets; Inspection for tufting and roller; Accessories for tufting and needle machines; Semi automatic roller after printing- or latexline; Semi-automatic rug roller for tufted carpet; Overedging line for tufted carpets. The program exists out of G-boxes, compensators (compensation from 50 up to 120m), rollers (2 or 3 rolls and lift table), inspection tables, cutting knives and many more.  
Handsaeme Machinery bvba
Abelestraat 102
B-8870 Izegem

T +32 (0)51 30 15 95
F +32 (0)51 31 37 45

E [email protected]
W http://www.handsaeme.be

The Belgian Matthys Group has become one of the important European players in the field of custom tailored textile machinery. This modern company has based its success on highly motivated people, flexibility and its determination to make no compromise towards quality. Continuous expansion and a rigorous production strategy have turned the family-run Matthys Group into a global player. The development, production and assembly of the Matthys equipment are accomplished in 4 different plants in Europe.


At the subcontracting division of the Matthys Group, we can handle one-off prototypes to large volumes. Either the customer supplies us the drawings or we can work out your idea into a cost-effective solution. Thanks to a team of qualified and skilled employees together with high automated turning and milling machines, we produce in a cost-effective way with short delivery terms. 

For additional information, please contact: [email protected]
Matthys Group
Leemputstraat 75
B-8792 Waregem (Desselgem)

T +32 56 73 30 60
F +32 56 73 30 80

W http://www.matthysgroup.com

Picanol develops, produces and markets high-tech weaving machines, based on air (airjet) or rapier technology. We supply weaving machines to weaving mills worldwide, and also offer such services as installation, commissioning & trouble shooting, aftermarket sales (spare parts, accessories) and training. Today, about 2,600 weaving mills around the world use Picanol machinery, totaling more than 175,000 weaving machines. Picanol has been playing a pioneering role as both a developer and manufacturer of highly productive weaving machines since 1936. Ever since starting out, we at Picanol have remained committed to our core mission: developing and assembling innovative and reliable high-tech weaving machines. And the experience we have accumulated following the production of over 360,000 machines provides the clearest guarantee to our customers that when they choose Picanol they will be getting the very best weaving machine.

Next to the head office in Ypres (Belgium), we have production facilities in Asia and Europe, linked to our own worldwide service and sales network. All of us at Picanol are committed to providing outstanding customer service, the exceptional levels of quality that Picanol is renowned for, high value, and rapid delivery to meet the needs of our customers. Picanol is part of Picanol Group (Euronext: PIC).

MACHINES & FEATURES: Airjet & rapier technology. PARTS & ACCESSORIES: Original quality parts. TRAINING & SERVICES

For more information, go to http://www.picanol.be.
Picanol nv
Steverlyncklaan 15
8900 Ieper

T +32 57 222 111

E [email protected]
W http://www.picanol.be

Pierret specializes in the manufacture of guillotine cutting machines as well as automatic feeders mainly dedicated to the preparation for textile and soft plastic waste recycling. They can also be used for special applications such as high precision short cut, reinforcement, etc. Pierret machines easily and accurately handle most textile and soft plastic materials as well as special fibers (glass, carbon, aramid, basalt, stainless steel, Dyneema®, Spectra®, ...) without danger of melting or fusion. They are easy to use and of robust construction, reliable, capable of providing significant outputs at low installed power, adapted to the most varying conditions and suitable for difficult-to-handle applications.

ALL UNDER ONE ROOF: This is how you can quickly describe our company. In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Belgium, we always start from basic raw materials in order to ensure full control over the entire production process. We take care of the development, the manufacture and the assembly of all our products.

IN MORE THAN 70 COUNTRIES: Thanks to local agents, test facilities, after-sales service teams as well as overseas spare parts inventories, Pierret customers are always offered a quick and suitable support. Based on our experience and know-how, we are constantly listening to our customers to innovate our products and provide optimal solutions to the market place. 


AUTOMATIC FEEDERS: The patented “Robot” and “Robot Compact” loader-feeders are designed to take large bales and/or boxes as well as material in bulk form and feed the material to awaiting downstream equipment such as a cutting machine. Their operation is fully automatic, consistent, adjustable and continuous. Processed material may consist of fibers, tangled yarns, rags, carpets, plastic films, tows, non-wovens etc. CUTTING MACHINES: Pierret guillotine cutting machines are able to process soft material (man-made fibers, natural fibers, textile waste, plastic films, ...) as well as special fibers (glass, carbon, aramid, basalt, stainless steel, Dyneema®, Spectra®, ...). ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT: Pierret machines can be adapted to suit the user’s specific requirements by adding a range of accessories and complementary machines (metal detectors, conveyors, grinding machine etc.)


PREPARATION FOR TEXTILE WASTE RECYCLING: Our machines are mainly used to cut textile waste prior to the tearing process. In most cases, after the tearing process, those material will be used for non-wovens or for re-spinning. PREPARATION FOR SOFT PLASTIC WASTE RECYCLING: Our machies are mainly used to cut soft synthetic waste (contaminated or not) prior to the extrusion process. In most cases, after the extrusion process, those material will be used for re-granulating. SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: High precision short cut, reinforcement, volume reduction, ... here are just a few examples of special applications possible to achieve with our machines.
Pierret Industries
Rue du Sommet 32
B-6838 Corbion

T +32 61 46 51 00
F +32 61 46 62 63

W http://www.pierret.com

Qmatex is a high-experienced textile loom design engineer. Worldwide, we are known in building special weaving machines for niche markets. The strengths of Qmatex can be summarized as our combined expertise on mechanics, electronics and textiles. Our projects are defined as innovative and have no limits! For our full machine configurations and technical features, please visit our company website: http://www.qmatex.com
Wagenaarstraat 39
8791 Beveren Leie | Belgium

T +32 472 185 820

E [email protected]
W http://www.qmatex.com

For over more than 20 years, Machinebouw Tanghe is one of the leading companies in the construction of carpet confectionary machines. Started as a local machine builder for the carpet industry in Belgium, very soon the quality and high performance of our machines and technical solutions got spread worldwide. In the year 2005, the future of the company was ensured by a new ownership of two engineers Luc Beyne and Luc Abs. Since then, cornerstones of the companies strategy have become: ensuring the high level of quality, exploring faster and even better solutions in confectioning and high level of service. Offering a complete range of manual, semi automatic and full automatic machines till fully integrated full automatic lines with computer aided follow up, Machinebouw Tanghe is the preferred partner worldwide to get the perfect, cut to size solution for each customer when it comes to length cutting, length overedging, transversal cutting, transversal finishing (overedging, gluing, fringing or ready made fringes), rolling, packing of rugs and till manipulation into your warehouse.

CARPET FINISHING MACHINES: Longitudinal cutting and folding. Connected with backing/shearing machine or stand-alone, for woven carpet or with camera for printed carpet or executions for tufted carpets. Longitudinal overedging: Different possibilities as with labeling, control areas, adapted for viscose – standard pile – shaggy pile, in line or J-boxes on top, ... 

Transversal cutting: Manual cutting on the back or on the front of the carpets; automatic cutting machines with different folding systems or connected with sewing robots, ...

Rolling and packing: From manual to automatic rollers; rollers wall to wall; rollers for runners, as well as different packing systems. Transversal finishing, like: overedging, gluing, fringing, ready made fringes, taping, hemming, ... Different possibilities from manual, semi automatic till full automatic lines.

Custom machines: On customers request, special machines are built like round overedging or cutting of woven carpets, special labeling systems for carpets and other products as steel wires, winders for steel wires, grinding machines for knives as for weaving machines and others, ...
Tanghe Machinebouw nv
Waregemstraat 620
B-8540 Deerlijk

T +32 (0)56 71 88 71
F +32 (0)56 72 87 06

W http://www.tanghe.com

Our core business is manufacturing baling machinery for reducing the volume of materials for storage, transport or marketing purposes. The main fields of application are :

• Fibers and fibrous materials
• Recycling materials
• Used Clothing and wipers

From this core business, we have further developed machinery for preparation and feeding before the baling machinery and bale handling systems thereafter. For the used clothing and wiper market, this development has lead us to being the market leader in the supply of automated sorting systems. Valvan Baling Systems is a part of VALTECH (www.valtech.be), a group of project-oriented companies. Being part of this group, allows us to offer turnkey projects, where you benefit from the years of experience of each of our partners. Our hunger for exploring new markets has lead us to special projects in the rubber business, radioactive waste handling and thermoforming projects. And our problem-solving skills continue to boost innovation.

We challenge you to challenge us!

Our method: Being a project oriented organization, each enquiry starts with an analysis of the requirements and expectations of the customer. Together, we determine whether existing technology can be used or if we need to adapt it, to fit your needs. A preliminary 3D design and a detailed offer help you to envision the possibilities and make a well-founded choice. Once the decision is made, a project engineer guides you through the different steps, from design, over manufacturing to installation, start-up and training. Our qualified engineers are dedicated to intelligent design with an emphasis on production performance, operator safety, machine reliability and maintainability. Our competent workshop staff aim to produce robust machinery, precisely manufactured and professionally finished. Our after sales team speaks Dutch, French, English and German to ensure clear communication and fast comprehension. Advances in computer technology allows us to integrate visualization and remote support systems to assist our worldwide customer in the best way possible.
Krommebeekstraat 14, 8930 Menen, Belgium

T +32 56 521 380
F +32 56 518 334

E [email protected]
W http://www.valvan.com

Vandewiele develops, builds, assembles and installs carpet, velvet weaving machines, Jacquard machines, weaving and knitting feeders, motors and drives, tufting machines, extrusion lines, heatset lines, spacedye and finishing machines and lines for carpet and velvet finishing. So the whole range of machines needed to produce Carpets and velvets. Carpet and velvet consist like flat weaves of warp and weft yarns, but have an additional third dimension: the pile yarns. Thanks to this unique weaving technique, our weaving machines can weave high-grade carpets and the finest velvets since more than 140 years, in weaving mills all over the world. During these 140 years, Vandewiele has been growing constantly. Vandewiele brands such as: Van de Wiele, Bonas, Cobble, Superba, IRO-ROJ, Memminger-IRO, Protechna and Bejimac, we share our knowledge and expertise in the broad area of textile technology. 

Carpet has a broad range of applications: sized rugs, wall-to-wall carpet, bath rugs, prayer rugs, ... The Vandewiele textilemachines weave and tuft for all these applications carpets from the most economical to the highest qualities in all pile materials: polypropylene, heat set, BCF, wool, silk ... 
The main applications of velvet are upholstery, apparel and automobile. The Van de Wiele velvet weaving machines exist in an execution for jacquard and plain velvets.

CARPET WEAVING MACHINES: The Rug & Carpet Expert plus RCE+ a new generation of high speed carpet weaving machines

The Rug & Carpet Expert RCE+ is a highly productive face-to-face carpet weaving machine. The ergonomic design guarantees easy access to all the yarns. The insertion of the filling is done by rigid rapiers, guided on air cushions reducing the friction and the heat development. A three-dimensional cam, for an optimal cutting across the full width of the machine, drives the knife of the cutting motion. A powerful parallel reed beat-up produces at high speed a clean back and nice pile aspect. On the RCE+, servomotors can drive the heddle frames for the tight warp and for the slack warp, both programmed from the HDMI. This makes quick change of the weave structure and switch between carpet qualities possible by a few touches on the friendly usable touchscreen.

A compact Jacquard machine with simple selection mechanism without springs, pivot points and pistons allows to obtain, with only one solenoid per harness band, the positions for double and triple rapier carpet weaving. Only one flexible hook is moving making the system not sensitive to dust. As the solenoid is current driven, the selection is independent of temperature, guaranteeing a fault free selection in all conditions. Vandewiele manufactures two, three and four position jacquard machines. The pile yarns are levelled in layers, so the crossing point of the different colours is shifted. This increases considerably the weaving efficiency and produces a clean back with less incorporated pile yarn.

For weaving single rapier weave structures, the rapiers insert alternating a filling in top and bottom carpet. With the rapier switch-off system, only one rapier is inserted per cycle. The system, with a minimum of moving parts and no empty rapier, enters into the shed and increases the weaving efficiency. Alternatively, the filling scissors can be programmed for presenting only one filling per machine revolution. Weaving with three rapiers gives 50% more production than the three shot weave structure on a double rapier carpet machine. The patented three rapier system gives other advantages: incorporated yarns stay stationary giving a clearer carpet back and less incorporated yarns. Van de wiele is the only three rapier weaving machine producer in the world.

Van de Wiele sets new trends with hand look carpets: The Hand look Carpet Expert plus HCE+ is a three rapier weaving machine weaving carpets with back side like hand knotted carpets, this means, without visible warp yarns at the back of the carpet. As this kind of carpets is made in a high reed density (up to 1500 dents/m) and with up to 8 colour frames (or 750 reed/m up to 16 colours), it becomes for an expert hard to see the difference between hand made and machine made carpets.

Cut-loop carpets give a new dimension to the world of carpets: Further developments with the three rapier technique are the Universal Cut Expert plus UCE+ carpet weaving machine. It's the only machine on the market that weaves two identical carpets with cut pile, soft short, long loops and flat weave effects. This kind of carpets with relief is getting more and more popular. Van de Wiele has developed an execution of this machine, the Universal Shaggy Expert plus USE+ carpet weaving machine, for weaving cut-loop carpets with long pile.

Weaving machine for the production of high pile carpets: To cope with a growing demand towards carpets with high pile, Van de Wiele is offering the Shaggy Rug Expert + SRE+ carpet weaving machine. This two rapier weaving machine can weave super shaggy carpets up to 2 x 70mm with the face-to-face weaving technique.

The Master in Axminster MAX+ for colourful carpets: The Master in Axminster MAX+ is the first machine in history completely designed and developed for weaving Axminster carpets at a high speed. The MAX+ has a stable basic machine with a robust ground frame. The pile yarn presentation is done through a non-reset system with individual stepper motors, giving the possibility to work with up to 16 colors. The knife bit carriers are driven by a servomotor programmed for a quick motion during cutting and with a slow return motion to reduce the temperature. It is possible to weave with different tuft lengths. The new patented gripper is made in one piece, without pivot point and without bearings. This lightweight gripper is suitable for gripping thick and thin yarns, even mixed in the same carpet . Van de Wiele has already sold the MAX+ in several countries like Belgium, Poland, Egypt, Malaysia, China, ...

Advanced Wire Expert + AWE+: For high quality contract carpets, the Advanced Wire Expert + AWE+ as well as the Carpet Loop weaving machine can be used.

Texconnect: The Van de Wiele Texconnect software has been further developed for processing, networking and planning. A lot of new modules are available: planning, real time information, efficiencies, intranet,...

VELVET WEAVING MACHINES: The VSI face-to-face velvet weaving machine for high quality velvet at high speed

The VSI32 produce the most versatile Italian velvet fabric. In this velvet, also called free design velvet, the pile as well the ground yarns are controlled by the multi hook electronic jacquard machine especially developed for face-to-face velvet. This gives the possibility to create fantastic, modern as well as classic velvets with ground, pile as well as filling effects using a filling selector. The VSI32 weaves also a broad range of velvets for upholstery, automotive, dress, bus and coach velvets... 

An adapted execution is weaving lightweight carpets and prayer rugs.

The VSI22 model is producing plain face-to-face velvet for upholstery, automotive, dress and technical fabrics. Depending of the application the machine is equipped with one, two or three pile beams and pile deliveries driven by servodrive motors. Servo driven heddle frames build in a way to have a stable weaving machine, assures a perfect velvet quality.

TETCHNICAL TEXTILES: The VSI42 is a special execution for technical fabrics such as distance fabrics, paintbrushes, …

JACQUARD MACHINES: "Bonas" the Vandewiele Jacquard brand is not only the inventor  but is also the world leader in the design and manufacturing of Electronic Jacquards.

ACCESSORIES FOR WEAVING: IRO and ROJ brands of Vandewiele are the worlds leading producers of yarn feeding equipment to the textile industry.


ACCESSORIES FOR KNITTING: The Memminger-IRO brand of Vandewiele is the market leader in processing technology for yarn feeding, control systems, knitting feeder manufacturing and lubrication technology for knitting machines.


FINISHING MACHINES: Vandewiele also manufacturers finishing machines and finishing lines for the carpet and velvet industry. Bejimac and Titan are very well known worldwide within the carpet and velvet weaving industry.

DRIVES: More and more, electronics are integrated into the weaving looms. With the new AROS electronic shedding motion, dobbies and cam discs belong to the past. The iShed (intelligent shedding) gives you energy savings due to the optimised energy consumption through inertia recovery: Electronic pick finding is done independent from the loom; Variable shed opening is fully flexible; All different patterns can be woven; Full electronic cam law transfer; Variable crossing position for each held frame

The whole system is very compact, user friendly and requires a limited maintenance. This new iShed will give a lot of opportunities for the users and results in better efficiency, higher productivity and less power consumption.


QUALITY ASSURANCE FOR TEXTILES: Opto-electronic thread control systems for the textile industry. Surveillance devices for circular knitting machines; digital needle sensor

Surveillance devices for warp knitting machines: needle surveillance; fabric surveillance; weft thread surveillance; selvage thread control; Surveillance devices for weaving machines and warping machines





Vandewiele nv
Michel Vandewielestraat 7
B-8510 Kortrijk (Marke)

T +32 56 24 32 11
F +32 56 24 35 40

W http://www.vandewiele.com
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