SERVIZI E SETA, production company based in Biella (Italy) produces threads in 100% Silk and Silk blended with noble fibers, in 100% Linen and linen blended with natural fibers and in 100% Wool blended with natural fibers as well. The Company has a large stock program, in all different yarns of the collection. Through our executives’ offices around the world, as NY, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Zhangjiagang, and thanks to the different agents, we are able to offer customers prompt and professional service in order to meet the needs of the major fashion brands.
Silk threads, made in different style, as shiny, mat, rustic, casual and raw silk, in 100% or blended with the best noble fibers as wool, cashmere and linen, are the most important part of the knitting collection. Today we are able to offer a wide range of Yarns in 100% Wool and wool mixed with noble and natural fibers in different types of spinning process as Worsted, Semi-Worsted Spinning, Wet Spun Linen and Open End.