Top Line (Ningbo) Textile Co., Ltd., as part of the Consinee Group, which is an export-oriented enterprise specialized in fancy yarn design and development, is currently the production base of the high-end fancy yarn in the industry. Now the company possesses 36 imported fully-new Italian-made PAFA machines, and produces every year more than 2,000 tons of fancy yarns of high-grade natural fibers, such as cashmere, royal alpaca, filament silk and sustainable South African mohair, etc.

Starting from the selection of raw material and product structure, we can not only design and produce our own products, but also meet customized requirements of specific products. We will supply high-quality products and services at a reasonable price, and during the magnetic collision and exchange of ideas and culture, customers can be provided with endless inspiration and creativity. The Topline collection offers an inspirational range of yarns that have made them one of the world leaders in creative yarns for the luxury knit wear industry, with collections distinguished by directional content and superior quality trend right colours.

High-end fancy yarns, including loop yarn, brush yarn, lily yarn and so on, using only the very best of carefully selected premium raw material including various kinds of natural fiber and also environment-friendly materials can meet the diverse request of customers. Using the unrivalled expertise of our fancy spinning specialists we continually create an innovative selection of fancy yarns that are seasonally sought after and gain the admiration of the world’s leading fashion brands. Our customer commitment means we like to listen and react to your individual needs, if you are looking for your own unique yarns or colours please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.

At Topline we place great importance and emphasis on being ethical and socially responsible, with a true commitment to environmental protection, animal welfare and sustainability. We believe in total transparency from the provenance of raw fibre to the complete production process, being rest assured that all that we do meets with very strict eco guidelines. Our partnership with suppliers and dedication to new manufacturing techniques has earned us a wide range of certifications to reassure you of our unrivalled quality control and belief in sustainable initiatives.