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Indian Tussar Silk Enjoys Good Demand : MoT

The Tasar silk production in India is increasing consistently over the years indicating good global and domestic demand for Indian Tasar silk.  Estimated global production of Tasar silk and share of Tasar silk produced in India during the last 3 years is given below :

Silk Production in India

Government has been implementing various programmes for the development of tasar silk in the country through Central Silk Board (CSB).  Under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme Catalytic Development Programme (CDP), assistance is being extended for tasar silkworm seed production, systematic plantations, rearing activities, reeling and marketing of products.

Central Silk Board is also implementing developmental projects for Tasar culture. Vanya silks, including Tasar silk, are being promoted as “Green Silk” and “Organic Silk”, in the domestic as well as export markets.

Govt. of Karnataka has asked for measures to protect mulberry sericulture including a financial support mechanism for the farmers when prices of cocoons fall below costs of production.

The expenditure incurred by the Government for the development of tasar sector during the last three years is given above.

In order to protect mulberry sericulture, the Govt. has focused on increasing the productivity of the cocoon and raw silk and thereby make sericulture remunerative. Government has taken steps to strengthen the R&D in sericulture to develop sturdier varieties of host plant and silkworm seeds.  CSB is also implementing the Centrally Sponsored “Catalytic Development Programme” (CDP) in collaboration with State Sericulture Departments in a package mode for development of sericulture and silk industry.  Under CDP, incentive is also provided for production of quality bivoltine silk yarn.  The States have been advised to strengthen the extension support to the farmers for better technology transfer and absorption to improve productivity and quality of silk.

Government has also permitted import of modern Automatic Reeling machines and Dupion Reeling machines along with their accessories and packages at concessional duty of customs to bring down cost of production, and make the sericulture and reeling sector competitive, to help the sericulture farmers and reelers.

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