ariya-logoARIYA TEKS, LLC
Country: Uzbekistan
Address: st. M. Tursunzade, 101 Tashkent, 100085, Uzbekistan
Phone: + 998 93 550 11 53
Email: [email protected]
Web:  www.ariyateks.uz

products2ARIYA TEKS LLC produces high quality products at affordable prices. Our company produces “on order” absolutely the entire range of textile products of your choice and taste, from underwear to outerwear, sportswear, jackets, hats, scarves, etc. Our designers will create an individual order according to your wishes. You can choose the fabric, color, style and much more, or we can customize the order according to your requirements. Our staff numbers more than 200 people, we have experience since 2008, which allows us to deliver orders on time and in accordance with your preferences. In addition, to ensure the convenience of customers, each of them is provided with a personal manager who will conduct consultations on all issues of interest to you.

We worked with such clients as: Vilatte, Ecolife in Russia, Coca-cola, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, UNDP Uzbekistan, Asia Trans Gaz and many others.

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