There are various models of barcode printers and barcode readers on sale. We are not limited to just one brand. We will show you how each product works and provide special training for your company’s employees. Our products are guaranteed and technical support provided.


Country: Uzbekistan
Address: Yakkasaray district, st. Kichik khalka yuli, 89 – 1A block Tashkent, 100015, Uzbekistan
Phone: + 998 90 997 79 70
Email: [email protected]
Web:  https://www.istanbulbarkod.uz

The history of ISTANBUL BARKOD began in 2019, since that time we, with our experienced staff, satisfy all the needs related to barcode systems, as well as the production of printed and non-printed labels.


ISTANBUL BARKOD, whose mission is based on the principles of quality and service excellence, strives to become one of the most renowned manufacturers in the industry in the near future and continues to pursue its goal with solid steps in this direction. In the first years of its foundation, the company provided services only in Tashkent and adjacent regions, but now its headquarters and production facilities are located in the organized industrial zone of Tashkent. Today, the company’s activities cover eight regions of Uzbekistan and has succeeded in providing high quality services.

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