Circle Bra: A Project by students of the IFM-Kering Fashion Sustainability Certificate


Circle Bra: A Project by students of the IFM-Kering Fashion Sustainability Certificate


→ Jenny Orru, Executive MBA
→ Eva Debruyne, MS Management
→ Philippos Routhounas, MSc Fashion & Luxury Management

1 woman out of 8 has breast cancer in France. Breast cancers leave visible and invisible scars. Women deserve to have the best sport bras that take into account their new bodies, yet as opposed to lingerie, the offer in sportswear is still poor.

Jenny Orru, Eva Debruyne and Philippos Routhounas, worked with sportswear brand Circle to develop a post-surgery bra for running and yoga.

Projects by Students of IFM-Kering Fashion Sustainability Certificate

On 31 May 2021, the 35 students of the IFM-Kering Fashion Sustainability Certificate presented 15 projects that contribute to the evolution of the fashion industry and on which they have been working since November. Carried out in groups or individually, these projects are intended to propose a product or a solution that is part of a sustainable approach from an environmental, social or economic angle. The aim of this program is to bring together students currently studying at IFM at Bachelor, Master or Executive MBA level, in either fashion management or fashion design.

The jury that evaluated them was composed of Xavier Romatet, IFM Dean, Sylvie Ebel, IFM Deputy Dean, Marie-Claire Daveu, Kering Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer, Pascal Morand, Executive President of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, Riccardo Bellini, CEO of Chloé, Nicolas Houzé, General Manager of Galeries Lafayette and Andrew Morley, CEO of the Ellen McArthur Foundation.

The projects addressed one or several aspects of sustainable development: eco- responsible product lines, material innovations, new business models, social impact, scientific contributions, new mobility, etc.

Institut Français de la Mode (French Fashion Institute)

Institut Français de la Mode (French Fashion Institute) is a higher education institution, a training center for apprentices, a provider of executive education, as well as a center of expertise for the textiles, fashion and luxury industries. Located in Paris, it provides educational programs from vocational training to doctoral level, by cross-fertilizing design, management and know-how. Institut Français de la Mode is a member of HESAM Université, of the Conférence des grandes écoles and of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI). It is supported by the French Ministry of Economy. It is recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education.

The Institute offers a 10-week online course in partnership with Kering – A global Luxury group – intended for students or young professionals interested in fashion sustainability, or experienced fashion professionals who want to update their knowledge of the concept of sustainability. No previous skills or experience are required to complete the course. You simply need to justify an interest in the question of sustainable development in fashion. The course is delivered in English. (More information from: [email protected])

IFM–Kering Sustainability Chair

Kering and Institut Français de la Mode joined forces on 14 November 2019 to launch the IFM-Kering Sustainability Chair with the common ambition of creating a high-level research and teaching center in the fashion industry.

The chair is headed by Andrée-Anne Lemieux, PhD in industrial engineering and professor in charge of all initiatives related to sustainable development at Institut Français de la Mode.

Other projects presented are listed below:

  1. @Mela_Velo
  2. Regenerative
  3. GM Cotton Effects on Biodiversity
  4. Raglan
  5. Learning Expeditions @ChangeNow
  6. Circle Sportswear: Infinite Runner
  7. Study: What Consumers Want
  8. Espero France Knitwear Project
  9. Detox Ton Stock
  10. Reprise
  11. Sustainability Online Course: Shaping fashion’s future
  12. Minimal Waste
  13. Boucheron Sustainable Packaging
  14. Federating Sustainable Practices

Here are the reactions of the jury members to the different projects:

Riccardo Bellini, CEO of Chloé: The students proposed wide range and insightful projects, all of which integrated a 360° approach to sustainable development, with environmental, social and financial dimensions. It is only by tackling these three dimensions that we can really have an impact.”

Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer of Kering: “These students, whether designers or managers, have demonstrated that they are true change makers by showing great creativity while remaining anchored in the economic reality of our sector. Sustainable development is not an abstract concept. It is the beginning of a new era in which concrete solutions must be implemented.”

Nicolas Houzé, General Manager of Galeries Lafayette: “It is very refreshing to listen to this new generation of students who are looking to make a change in our industry and who demonstrate that fashion and sustainability, far from being incompatible, are closely linked.”

Pascal Morand, Executive President of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode: “Innovation stems from diversity. Through very different projects, the students worked together to sketch out a new society in which imagination will be a factor of progress.”

Andrew Morley, CEO of the Ellen McArthur Foundation: “I was inspired by the energy and input of all these projects. Many of the ideas presented were new and challenging. Fashion, as a creative industry, can really move towards more sustainability.”

Xavier Romatet, Directeur Général de l’Institut Français de la Mode: “This first class of the IFM-Kering sustainability certificate has kept all its promises and even exceeded our expectations. By bringing together students from very different backgrounds and countries, we have fostered initiatives that will directly contribute to the sustainable transformation of the fashion industry.”

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