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Minimal Waste: Reintegrate waste back into the economy

Minimal Waste

Minimal Waste: Reintegrate waste back into the economy

Reintegrate waste back into the economy: A Project by students of the IFM-Kering Fashion Sustainability Certificate

Garbage is a huge problem but it is also an endless resource for materials. Marco Ward is launching a brand that aims to reintegrate waste back into the economy.

One of the materials used is Chiengora, a yarn spun from dog hair which is generally thrown away, but is one of the warmest fibers on earth, 80% more than sheep wool.

The fiber is collected from breeders and dog groomers, it is then washed, dried and carded locally before it can be spun and on a spinning wheel. The end result is an incredibly soft yarn that can be woven or knitted. The short fibers that remain from carding are used for felting, and matted dog hair can be felted into biodegradable and cruelty-free recomposed animal fur.

→ Marco Elias Ward, BA Fashion Design

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