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Importer : Imran Dyes

Item of Import : Alko Print 660 (H.S. Code:39069030)
Alko Print 660 is a pigment printing thickner composed of a kind of polyacarlic acid ester with very good water cohesive property, resistant to electrolyte, strong thickening ability, suited for the pigment printing of all kinds of fabrics.

Imran Dyes is one of the top suppliers of textile auxiliaries and dyes having excellent chemical manufacturing and testing facilities. Specializes in custom-manufacturing products to suit individual requirements.

Imran Dyes
10, 11, 12 Sitara Market,
Tufail Shaheed Road,
Faisalabad, Pakistan.
Tel:+92-41 8549307/8546018
Fax: +92-41 8739207
Email: [email protected]

Above item imported from :

Treasure Eagle International Ltd.
Details not available.

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