exparts PK 2630 SEH – The Innovation of the Drafting System

Oerlikon to launch Texparts PK 2630 SEH weighting arm at India ITME 2012

At the end of the eighties, the ring spinning process underwent a remarkable renaissance. The limitations of the already familiar Air Jet Spinning process had become obvious as far as the technical and technological application potential and efficiency were concerned. Spinning machine manufacturers concentrated increasingly again on improving the ring spinning machine. The innovation process re-gained momentum with a speed, hard to imagine. The international exhibitions of the following years showed many new features and innovations that still today influence the market (i.e. compact spinning)The importance of flexibility in the spinning mill : Yarns, as intermediate products in the textile production chain, are subject to ever more frequent fashion changes, particularly in the clothing and house-hold textiles sectors. The spinner’s market has therefore become more diverse and short-term, and has clearly developed into a buyer’s market. Today more than ever the customer determines yarn characteristics, yarn quality and, above all, the delivery he needs for his end-product.

Flexibility through modern drafting systems : What possibilities do modern drafting systems offer for positively affecting flexibility in ring spinning?

Increased flexibility means the widest possible raw material spectrum, i.e. widest variety of fiber characteristics, such as length, count and origin, in order to be able to produce without costly machinery adaptation for an example

Problem-free use of the largest possible fiber mass in drafting

2012-11-18_0636212012-11-18_064448Rapid adaptation of all essential drafting parameters to all the technological requirements of the fiber material to be processed in order to obtain maximum product quality

Reduction of setting-up time and the associated setting-up costs : Shortening of material flow time throughout the entire spinning mill in order to reduce large capital tie-up caused by excessive circulating capacity and to unnecessarily long delivery times.

In addition to all of this, comes the requirement for the simplest possible operation of all drafting system components. The required profile for modern drafting systems deriving from this is shown above. The two most important features, which allow reacting most effectively to spinning requirements are, the problem-free use of high total drafts and the possible use of adequately load pressures. Above and beyond that, the fitting of the weighting arm to the ring spinning machine, the setting and the possibility of interchangeability of all drafting components must be quick and easy to ensure minimum downtime.