BNEW Logistics will focus its discussions on post-Covid opportunities and threats


BNEW – Barcelona New Economy Week , organized by the Barcelona Free Trade Zone Consortium and which will take place from October 6 to 9 in Barcelona , has already opened the inscriptions to BDigital that can be made for free until August 31 in the following link: www.bnewbarcelona.com .

BNEW has already defined its knowledge program that will focus on post-Covid opportunities and threats to help all participating companies and professionals to respond to the challenges they will have to face.

For four days, the BNEW knowledge program , under the common denominator of the new economy, will connect five major sectors of activity such as Logistics, Real Estate, Digital Industry, eCommerce and Economic Zones.

BNEW presents a proposal based on knowledge podiums that will allow all participants to develop, expand their knowledge, resolve doubts, anticipate the future and receive feedback from the opinions of other experts. These podiums of knowledge will be made up of “Inspirational Talks” , debates, panels and in-depth interviews with unique professionals. The “Inspirational Talks”, meanwhile, will be common to the five sectors and will be aimed at managers and company control panels to achieve maximum performance, both personally and in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of their teams.

BNEW Logistics Discussions, Panels and Interviews

Each sector will have its own debate and panel program with the participation of prominent professionals. In the case of BNEW Logistics, debates will take place around the need to promote public-private alliances for the development of the logistics sector, the growing problem of cybersecurity in an increasingly digitized and globalized world that can paralyze trade worldwide, or the great challenge of equality in a sector where there are still very few women in the management positions of companies.

The geolocation and “green new deal” will also have a separate discussion session and the impact of the Bréxit in the logistics sector and strategies to be adopted all the major “players” of the sector. It should be noted that these debates will be moderated by professionals with great communication skills and that will constantly surprise all viewers, both in person and through the BNEW digital platform , who will be a large majority.

Regarding the BNEW Logistics panels, they will deal with topics related to the immediate future of logistics, such as sustainability, digital transformation or collaboration, the perspectives that arise in this post-Covid scenario or the 2030 vision of supply chains .

The role that new technologies will play will also occupy a very prominent place in BNEW Logistics analyzing the scope and restrictions that they may have in the sector, or observing if the relationship between digital logistics and transport operations is possible. At the same time, BNEW Logistics will also have a full program of interviews with unique professionals that can be seen at any time through the BNEW technology platform .

For its part, BNEW eCommerce will focus its knowledge program on Smart technology, new “direct to consumer” business models and the globalization of the sector. The BNEW Real Estate will emphasize the acceleration of the new real estate sector that the Covid-19 crisis will imply towards a much more sustainable, digitized, collaborative and flexible model.

With regard to the BNEW Digital Industry, it will bring together all the possibilities offered by the digital industry with 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, the IoT or Big Data. In addition, the BNEW Economic Zones will also place special emphasis on the challenges of multinationals to maintain and generate new jobs in this paradigm shift scenario that the globalized and interconnected world is suffering.

A world of opportunities for business

One of the strengths of BNEW will be its advanced “networking” program that ensures a large number of contacts and business opportunities for all attendees. The exclusive BNEW technological platform will cross all the data of the more than 10,000 attendees from all over the world , who are hoping to bring together the event, in order to put supply and demand in direct and concrete contact, generating great business opportunities.

And it will do so by connecting the five sectors that the event encompasses, connecting them with each other: logistics, real estate, eCommerce, digital industry and economic zones.

Finally, Barcelona New Economy Week will allow all participants to learn about the latest innovations and trends related to the new economy. Everything, from October 6 to 9 in Barcelona.

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