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Hermès employees get large bonus

Hermès has most of its production in France

Hermès has most of its production in France, within its 52 production sites and an international distribution network with more than 300 stores in 45 countries.

All 19,700 employees of the French fashion house Hermès will receive a bonus of no less than 4,000 euros at the end of February, CEO Axel Dumas said during a presentation of the 2022 annual results . Hermès has had an excellent financial year and employees share in its success. Last year there was also a wage increase of 6 percent and the wages of employees were increased by 100 euros in both January and July.

French fashion house Hermès

Last year, Hermès sold no less than 23 percent more products than in 2021, resulting in a turnover of around 11.6 billion euros. The company was able to record a net profit of 3.37 billion euros in 2022. Shareholders also benefit from Hermès’ good figures; the dividend was increased by 5 euros from 8 to 13 euros last year.

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