Address: Yoshlik-1 Str., Village UrtaAul,
Tashkent area Uzbekistan.Zangiota area.
Phone: 998709758080
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.biryuza.com/

We constantly strive to satisfy the requirements of our customers, to exceed their expectations, to create an image of an enterprise with a high production culture. All this is a guarantee of a long and fruitful cooperation with us.

Why choose us?

Own production is located in Tashkent – the “Turquoise Group” factory is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of cotton clothing. The presence of a full production cycle – from fabric production to various types of finishing (printing, embroidery) and accessories – allows us to expand the range and not make it monotonous.


In the manufacture of our products, we use natural raw materials – premium cotton with the addition of elastane. We use natural, harmless dyes to color the canvas. The factory is equipped with modern equipment. Highly qualified specialists work with special Turkish technologies.



BiryuzaGroup has three separate printing divisions – conventional octopus printing, sublimation digital printing and transfer printing. Octopus Printing – Schenk and MHM Printing Machines are available, capable of printing up to 10 colors Water Based Pigment Printing, Plastic Printing, Drum Printing, Relief Printing, Foil Printing, Embossed Printing, High Mold Printing, Reflective Printing, frequency printing, rubber printing, embossing and flocking Digital Sublimation Printing – 4 Roland and 2 Mimaki presses are available, plus 1 MontiAntonio roller press. Using quality ink and printing paper, we can print all kinds of designs on 100% polyester and blended fabrics with photographic quality, and can be printed on fabrics of any thickness, from tulle to heavyweight. Transfer printing. Various types of printing are available, such as water based transfer printing, secure transfer printing, 3D transfer printing, reflective transfer printing.

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