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ID DAILYWEAR offers timeless apparel that highlights fabric production techniques across Japan


CEO Keisuke Tada’s Tokyo shop, DAILYSHOP, where ID DAILYWEAR and other brand goods are sold.

IN DESIGN LAB INC.’s signature clothing brand, ID DAILYWEAR, presents timeless daily wear focusing on comfort, classic lines and clean, simple patterns. Its designs are realized through a combination of raw materials and fabric production techniques drawn from across Japan, working down to the thread level to achieve optimum fit and function.

“Brands focused primarily on design are quite common, I think,” says IN DESIGN LAB CEO Keisuke Tada. “For us, we’re more focused on fit, sensory enjoyment—things that are enjoyable to look at and enjoyable to touch—and practicality.” With these principles in mind, the company’s ID DAILYWEAR brand is designed around three core concepts: “identify” (quality fabric), “identity” (maintaining your individuality) and “idea” (wearing pieces in different ways).

Regional Appeal in Every Piece


ID DAILYWEAR apparel uses specially sought-out techniques to bring CEO Keisuke Tada’s visions to fruition.

Rather than rely on a single workshop, IN DESIGN LAB works with roughly 100 different manufacturers, ranging from the island of Kyushu in Japan’s south to Aomori Prefecture in the north. “Sewing techniques vary by region,” Tada explains. “Up north, the sewing style is very fine, and they specialize in lightweight fabric. By contrast, Okayama (in western Japan) is known for denim, and the stitching is rougher.”

Tada chooses manufacturers to match his vision for each piece, with each item receiving specialist attention based on its design and purpose. Meticulous attention to detail is Tada’s passion, and one of the core strengths of ID DAILYWEAR. Whether a coat, a T-shirt or a pair of gloves, each item is developed from the thread level, giving the company total control from material to retail.

Taking Daily Wear to New Frontiers


IN DESIGN LAB INC. CEO Keisuke Tada discusses his brand, ID DAILYWEAR.

IN DESIGN LAB has trademarked the ID DAILYWEAR brand as it makes a bid to grow beyond Japan. “I’m curious to see what kind of response our designs generate abroad,” Tada says.

Currently, the company sells to retailers in Hong Kong and Korea, but is hoping to move into other markets by way of agency and sales license agreements. “Ideally, we’re looking to export our basic pieces,” Tada says before adding that, over the next five to 10 years, he also hopes to find partners with whom to create fusion fashion by integrating techniques unique to each region, beginning in Southeast Asia.

Fit Like a Glove


ID DAILYWEAR’s classic cuts and clean lines aim to stand the test of time.

When it comes to finding partners, Tada prefers a personal approach: “For many, the best way to become known is to participate in something like Paris Fashion Week. But we prefer to visit a region and make a presentation.”

As for the sort of partner Tada seeks, he explains that IN DESIGN LAB is more concerned with quality and comfort than brand-name appeal. “We’re looking for partners who understand this,” he says.

Ultimately, Tada says, IN DESIGN LAB aims to create clothes that, “no matter how many years go by, our products can be worn again and again.” That’s certainly an idea shoppers can identify with!


(Courtesy: JETRO)

JETRO, or the Japan External Trade Organization, is a government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Originally established in 1958 to promote Japanese exports abroad, JETRO’s core focus in the 21st century has shifted toward promoting foreign direct investment into Japan and helping small to medium size Japanese firms maximize their global export potential.

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