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Lubrizol: World Leader in Performance Textile Coating Solutions


Textile Coating Solutions

Lubrizol helps customers develop value-added, premium quality, cost-effective textile coating and specialty paper products that deliver multi-functional performance benefits for both processors and end-users. Our ingredients and formulated solutions for surface coating and impregnation include market leading performance in flame retardance, durability, breathability and comfort, abrasion resistance, moisture vapor control, and filtration. Our formulation and applications expertise improves the safety profile and sustainability of our customers’ products to meet regulatory compliance requirements through benefits such as formaldehyde-free, APEO-free, low VOC, renewable content and water-based technologies.

Customer Focused Solutions


Lubrizol coating applications

Myflam®, Performax® and PrintRite® compounds are used in a variety of textile coating applications, such as technical, transportation, apparel and home furnishing fabrics. These products can be custom formulated to impart multi-functional properties that improve substrate performance. All Lubrizol materials in this brochure can be employed to give synergistic properties to these formulated solutions. Custom formulating allows us to create products that enable unique multi-functional characteristics, addressing industry test procedures, customer requirements, equipment specifications and end-use performance. Please consult your Lubrizol sales or technical representative for helpful advice.

environment friendly2Environmentally Conscious Solutions

Formaldehyde-, antimony- and halogen-free, low-VOC, recyclable and re-extrudable technology—Lubrizol’s extensive portfolio of resins, polymers, surface modifiers, hyperdispersants and custom-formulated solutions include an excellent choice of environmentally conscious options.

Customer Tailored Solutions

Lubrizol Coating Solutions

Contrary to a “one size fits all” approach when making product recommendations, our application experts are well skilled in putting together custom solutions that meet a customer’s unique requirements. Their market-specific knowledge of what works best for a specific end use is further reinforced by the extensive testing conducted at Lubrizol, using the same testing methodology as our customers.

Customer-Driven Research & Development


Lubrizol coating applications2

Lubrizol research scientists use statistical modeling and have access to thousands of monomer combinations, providing them with the right tools for continuous innovation. If the right solution for a given market application cannot be drawn from Lubrizol’s existing choice of product offerings, our R&D team stands ready to either modify existing technology or forge a new product advancement to better meet customer needs.

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