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Monforts : ECO Booster & Eco Applicator ‘Grab’ the Attention

The new ECO Booster HRC for stenters at this year’s ITMA show attracted tremendous interest, reports Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, Jochen Stillger. “Its more than just a standard heat recovery system. Its unique selling point is the automatic cleaning feature which means the machine doesn’t have to be stopped during production runs,” he explains. “More than this, the rotating cleaning wheel adjusts automatically to the drying temperature of the machine, deciding when cleaning is required and to what degree, so the mill no longer has to rely on the operator.”
Another key introduction at ITMA was the Eco Applicator for applying chemicals to fabrics. Instead of a conventional padder, a new process using trough and roller techniques which applies just the required amount of liquid/coating to the fabric via contact with the roller. It has been designed for three options – to apply a liquid/coating to one side of the fabric; to apply a liquid to both sides of the fabric; and to apply a liquid to one side and a different liquid to the other side. The Eco Applicator range is suitable for felt finishes, coated materials and medical textiles. Applications include nano coating, water repellancy, softeners, flame retardency and insect repellent. When used for clothing applications, the soft coating process can, for example, apply soil-or water-repellency to one side of the fabric and softener or water absorption, respectively, to the second side.

New Eco Applicator soft coating process provides significant energy savings with reduced liquor application and eliminates the need for a conventional wet-on-wet padder...

The new process can eliminate the need for a conventional padder, applying the liquid/coating via a roller. A twin-roller is used for double-sided applications. Compared with a padder operation, the initial moisture content of 60% is reduced to 40% using the Monforts soft coating process; ensuring a reduction in drying times and reduced energy costs.

Monforts’ Review of ITMA 2011 at Barcelona

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