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Monforts’ Review of ITMA 2011 at Barcelona

With record crowds exceeding 100,000 visitors from 138 countries, the mood was set with 1350 exhibitors displaying and demonstrating the latest equipment, technology and processes for the textile industry.

“It was,” says Managing Director Roland Hampel, “the first real ‘green’ ITMA with economy and ecology being the theme of many exhibitors.” “More customers today recognize the need for energy savings with, for example, heat recovery systems, than ever before.” Monforts similarly provided special emphasis on energy saving solutions and environmental protection for the complete range of finishing, dyeing and sanforising machines. According to Roland Hampel, the ever increasing costs of utilities including water, gas and electricity plus the rising price of commodities, such as cotton, are forcing textile producers to seek energy savings in a bid to maintain margins.

“Against this background of irreversible high costs for primary energy, we, as a market leader in manufacturing dyeing and finishing machines for woven and knitted fabrics, are committed to reducing energy consumption by its customers,” he adds. With energy representing more than 60% of the total costs of a thermal system over a period of 10 years, it represents a constantly increasing expenditure. Consideration has also to be given, for example, to the cost of discharging clean/recycled exhaust air into the atmosphere.

Latin America : Heinz Wengert, of Columbia’s Servimtexa, who look after Monfort’s business in Latin America was very upbeat about this year’s ITMA. “There has been a steep rise in the fortunes of textile manufacturers in the region and the strong links with Spain guaranteed the show was a tremendously successful event for us,” he says. “There have been economic problems over the last three years, particularly in Venezuela, but now it’s changing. In fact we’ve overseen the sale of a number of stenters over the past 18 months to companies in Colombia, Brazil and Peru. After this show we expect to sell many more machines before the end of the year.”

Mexico : Arnulf Thaler, of Sattex Mexico, reports that his country’s textile industry has been in the doldrums for some time, but now the orders are coming thick and fast, including the first Montex JV stenter sale in the country. “There have been a lot of visitors to this year’s ITMA from Mexico, and interest has been particularly high in the new Eco Applicator,” he says, continuing. “Mexican companies are now looking to be very exact with their processes and energy savings are important. The price of gas in Mexico is still comparatively low, but electrical savings are necessary –Monforts technology can fulfill these requirements.”

Italy : Ms. Chiara Cabrini of Sacconaghi Monaco (Monforts’ representatives in Italy), having secured the sale of a new coating system early in the show, was looking forward to her hometown of Milan where ITMA 2015 would be held. She was confident that more orders would follow as a result of the show. “There’s always activity in Italian textile production and together with Monforts’ technology it helps in our pursuit of the high value, niche apparel markets.” “Many of our customers visited the show and interest in the new Monforts developments has been incredible.”

Pakistan : For KM Khalid of Al Almeen Trading Corporation, which represents Monforts in Pakistan, ITMA 2011 appears to be marking a turning point in sales. “I hope the interest that’s been shown in Barcelona will lead to some positive decisions,” he said. “The mood of customers has been very positive and there’s a very high chance of us securing some major orders in the next few weeks. “The recession has made people cautious of investing but that is now changing. For me personally, this show has been much busier than it was in Munich four years ago.

India : “A very good ITMA with a high quality turnout from India – all planning for future investment,” enthuses ATE’s S. Rajendran. “They came and assessed the new technologies available and many were particularly impressed with the ECO Applicator. We anticipate many will be planning for retrofitting. A great exhibition for us.”

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