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Sezginler Tekstil gained advantage with TexCoat G4

Turkey’s leading company Sezginler knitted fabric printing and dyeing textiles, for finishing process Baldwin Technology has gained significant advantages by investing in TexCoat G4, the innovative non-contact precision spray system. With a daily production capacity of 56 tons, the company training added 4 TexCoat G4s to the stenter lines in order to solve the finishing quality problems and time-consuming dilution processes that occur during the process. The firm achieved increased uptime, exceptional uniform finishing quality, and significantly reduced chemistry and energy consumption. In addition to practically zero chemical discharge, Sezginler Tekstil has reached the capacity of one-sided finishing in fabric with its uninterrupted smooth finishing quality.

Sezginler Textiles, Baldwin, one of the leading representatives of Turkey dating spot Textile finishing through innovative application system Texcoat acquired G4. Since the first machine purchase, the company has achieved many benefits in the application of finishing chemicals with non-contact spray technology. For this reason, it acquired a total of 4 TexCoat G4 machines with its subsequent investments and expanded its finishing capacity in this area.

Sezginler Tekstil put an end to finishing quality problems with TexCoat G4

When using the traditional padding / padding method, the company was experiencing quality problems and time-consuming dilution issues, especially in the wet to wet softener process. Sezginler Tekstil has integrated the TexCoat G4 into the production phase to overcome this problem. Now, the finishing process can be done by impregnation / foulard followed by Baldwin’s non-contact spray system. The company now uses four non-contact spray systems in both wet to wet and dry wet processes, achieving high uptime, consistent quality and virtually no chemical discharge.

Sezginler Textile Finishing Manager Ali Küçükerenköy said that by using TexCoat G4 in reactive dyed fabrics in wet-to-wet process, they achieved a fabric homogeneity they had never experienced before. Küçükerenköy; “Adding contactless spray technology to impregnation / scarf is a decision we will never regret,” he said.

One of the biggest challenges of using padding / padding is the constant change of chemical density during production and the need for adjustment every 1000-1500 meters depending on the type of application. This is not the case with non-contact spray finishing.

Save time and chemicals

“With TexCoat G4, we can fully rely on a continuous and smooth / even application from the first meter to the last meter of the fabric” and continued his words as follows; “In the old dressing method, every meter of the padding / scarf was more dirty, so there could be differences in every meter of the fabric. With TexCoat G4, the same chemical concentration is achieved throughout the production. “

In padding / padding, up to 50 liters of chemicals often also need to be discharged depending on production. This means that a significant amount of chemicals and time is wasted with each discharge. However, Sezginler Tekstil completely overcame all these problems with its four TexCoat G4 systems.

Küçükerenköy; “We no longer need to waste time on foulard unloading, and still we can count on a consistently uniform chemical density. “It is clear that TexCoat G4 has given us great production advantages in terms of significantly saving time and chemicals.”

Sezginler Tekstil gained the advantage of non-contact finishing with TexCoat G4

Sezginler Tekstil gained the advantage of non-contact finishing with TexCoat G4

50% less energy consumption with TexCoat G4

Energy consumption of Sezginler Tekstil for drying decreased by up to 50% in wet-dry application thanks to TexCoat G4. The non-contact spray system enables a higher chemical mixture density with lower collection requirements. The fabric passes through the ram faster and with lower temperature with less wet shrinkage, reducing energy consumption.

Another advantage of TexCoat G4 is the option of applying chemicals to a desired side of the fabric. This is regarded as a very valuable feature in Sezginler Tekstil’s regular printed fabric work, in order to prevent unwanted pigmentation in prints or when working with fabrics with one-sided finishing properties. Since the chemical consumption will be 50% less than a double-sided application, it is very cost-effective to apply chemicals on one side.

Sezginler Tekstil, which has achieved a real success story with TexCoat G4, achieved an increase in working time, improvement in finishing quality and significantly reduced chemical and energy consumption thanks to this innovative spray finishing system.

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